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McFarland USA on BluRay/DVD June 2nd


McFarland USA comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray today, June 2nd!  You won’t want to miss this film based on a true story.  I am a sucker for an inspirational movie. Seriously. I regularly post inspirational quotes and pictures with motivational words which are inspiring. This movie will not disappoint in that category. It will inspire you to achieve your greatest goals, be the best you can and succeed through the toughest times.

The story begins when Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner) moves to McFarland for a coaching position after being fired because of an “incident” with a student at his previous school. McFarland is a very poor town with most of its residents being crop pickers of the Hispanic decent.  Coach White noticed the boys exceptional running abilities and started up a running team. Through coaching, he inspired the boys to reach their full potential and exceed through the worst of odds.  He transformed them into champions!
McFarland USA will have you laughing, crying but most of all motivated!  I began watching the film alone but by the end of the movie, the entire family had joined me.  We all loved it and I highly suggest owning this one.  It is one of those movies to own and watch over and over again.
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McFARLAND, USA is rated PG out on BluRay/DVD June 2nd!
Disclosure: I received a free copy for review purposes.  All options are my own.
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