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Family Travel: Top 5 Family Friendly Resturants to Visit in Destin Florida


Top restaurants to take the family to in Destin, Florida

My family and I are foodies.  Seriously, we love to eat!  We do not just love to eat but we enjoy trying to foods, new restaurants and creating new dishes.  And when we head out on vacation, we research all the local eateries in town beforehand.  Recently we spent a week in Destin, Florida and I am about to give you the low down on the eateries you just HAVE to visit with the kids.


Apparently there are a couple of locations that Fudpucker’s calls home, Destin and Fort Walton Beach Florida.  If you happen to visit one of these locations, you do NOT want to miss going to FudPucker’s.  What a family fun restaurant!  Now I have to admit, this is a big touristy spot so prepare to wait for a table but the waiting was much of the “fun” of it.  We arrived around the time the gator show started, this is a daily event!  We got to watch the show, feed the gators, check out the arcade and gift shop all while waiting for our table.  Once we sat down and ordered, I felt like we had already gotten our monies worth.  The kids still talk about going back to the gator restaurant.  Note: The Shrimp and Grits were the bomb!
You may hear the word “daiquiris” and automatically think this is not a family friendly place but I beg to differ.  Located right on the Harbor Walk, this is a great little place to stop and have a slice of pizza for lunch.  We love our pizza and I have to admit, we tried a few of the pizza joints in Destin.  Hands down Jesters was the absolute best slice we had and best priced!  We ordered an entire pizza for the family for only $20 and we had leftovers!  You can’t beat that cost for the amount we received.  Note: They do play the music a bit loud, I suggest getting your pizza to go and sitting on the walk for lunch.

Buck’s Smokehouse

Voted one of the BEST BBQ restaurants in Destin, my husband had to stop and try it.  Now if you know BBQ places, you know to get there early because once the meats sell out, they are done for the day.  Did we take that advice?  No.  However, we were determined to try this world renowned BBQ.  Was it worth coming back for?  Yes indeedy!  They certainly lived up to the title!


Want to try a strawberry, banana, chocolate chip pancake with chocolate syrup on top?  Then stop at the pancakery for a huge menu of every combination pancake you can think of.  The menu includes other breakfast items of course, even some lunch specials but when in Rome, you will have to try the pancakes!
When you think of a Florida dessert, you think of Key Lime pie!  The Donut Hole is where you will find the best in Destin, delicious pies galore!  They also have a full service menu which includes the “Diet Plate” for breakfast; complete with homemade buttermilk biscuits, sausage patties, cheese, friend eggs, smothered in creamy gravy and served with a side of hash browns.  Now that is my kind of diet!
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