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Most Epic Cover Letter Ever: HBO Cover Letter for Social Media Job Opening #HireMeHBO

 (Full Letter Below)

The Mother of all Social Media jobs, working for HBO, has a job opening and I applied for fun.  I say “for fun” because what are the chances of getting noticed by such a huge company?  I’m sure HBO’s desks are stacked mountain high with “highly qualified” resumes, such as myself, and it’s very possible I will be lost in the shuffle.  While I believe I was made for this position, how do I convey this to HBO?  Helloooo, this is social media we are talking about and what makes one an expert in this “world of social media”?  To stand out, to be seen, to get noticed!!  And how exactly am I going to achieve this task??  For starters, I am going to submit my resume with a banging cover letter (full letter below) and then I am going to plaster it all over social media!  So, who’s with me??  Spread it around at #HireMeHBO!  You never know…

HBO Big Wigs,
I am applying for the position of Digital and Social Media Marketing. Basically, I am applying because you NEED me. Seriously, I am not sure what kind of “old heads” you have running your Social Media and publicity but you are falling behind on times. Thank goodness for some of your top notch shows (Game of Thrones), unfortunately, even some highly potential shows (Silicon Valley) are falling by the wayside due to your lack of savvy marketing. I took a look at your social media pages. Your last Facebook post only achieved 74 likes. Are you kidding me, HBO?? You have 11 million followers and only 74 likes? I can get that in my sleep with only 10K followers. Dare I mention Twitter, where is your interaction?!?! We have some work to do.
Now excuse my harshness HBO, I have a huge passion for Entertainment and have been a fan of HBO since childhood (Fraggle Rock), however, you need someone to keep it real, and lucky for you, I found your job posting. I am that fresh air. I am a social media guru, a creative talent, and can relate to this social media age we are in. I can open whole new markets for you and bring HBO into the age of the millennials.
I currently hold a position in science, where I am working on saving the world. I am willing to change positions for the good of television. Although I work in Science full-time, I am also a blog owner and have taken my “hobby” to unbelievable heights. In the past, I have worked on some top notch movie promotions. I’ve walked the red carpet for Disney’s Cinderella, where I took part in a social media campaign which was recognized by Vanity. I am currently working on Ant-Man and was given a shout out by some of the talent of the movie (Evangeline Lilly).
Now before I accept a position with HBO, I have a couple of stipulations. First, while I don’t mind to “dress up” on occasion, my daily apparel consists of jeans and t-shirts. I think better when I am comfortable and would not want this to hinder my creative flow. Secondly, teach me. I haven’t worked in television before, so coming into this I want to be shown the ins and outs of the entire process. With my Scientific background and competitive spirit, I will learn all aspects of television with lightning speed and become an expert in no time. Lastly, I am given the OK to work non-stop. My nose is in my computer/phone 95% of the time, do not become offended by my workaholic attitude. This is what I do, this is what a love to do. The world of social media is constantly changing, things become popular in an INSTANT and I must be on top of things.
Have a great day and I look forward to the negotiations.

Amanda Taylor

 Wouldn’t you hire me??

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