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Visiting the Set of Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything: Premiere’s July 22nd on Disney XD #GamersGuideEvent


If you have a Disney Channel fan in your household, I am sure you will recognize at least one of the faces shown in the picture above.  And when July 22nd rolls around, the day Disney XD premieres Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything, you will be seeing the rest of those faces a lot more!  Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything is a new sitcom starring Cameron Boyce (“Conor”), Murray Wyatt Rundus (“Wendell”), Sophie Reynolds (“Ashley”) and Felix Avitia (“Franklin”) and I had the opportunity to visit the set, watch a Network Run Through and meet the cast!

Show Synopsis
**”Cool and charismatic Conor gains notoriety as “KidFury,” a professional video game player, but he suffers a devastating thumb injury that forces him out of the glamourous pro gaming world. After years of being tutored on the international pro circuit, he begins high school for the first time and meets three fellow gamers – Franklin, Wendell and Ashley. They team up to form the first-ever gaming league at their school, and together they learn that building lasting friendships in the real world is more important than accumulating high scores in the digital one.”**


Meet the Cast


Murray Wyatt Rundus
I play Wendell on the show and he’s very, very full of himself. He is a very cocky character. He believes everyone around him doesn’t know what’s really going on, that he is really the mastermind of everything. He’s very aggressive when he plays video games with the crew, and that really describes him.”



Sophie Reynolds
I play Ashley on the show. She’s the girl. She hangs with the guys and is not always the smartest with the books. She’s got a really good heart, and she’s just a good friend, and she’s a great gamer, super-smart gamer. That’s her strength.”



Cameron Boyce
“I play Coner. His backstory is that he was a professional gamer, and he did all these tours, and went to Tokyo and London and all these places doing all these professional tournaments, basically. In the midst of a tournament, he breaks his thumb, which is kind of what you need to game. It was very painful. Yeah, but since then I’ve healed. Coner has to basically be a regular kid now. He was homeschooled and other stuff to do his gaming, so his mom tells him, ‘Okay, well you’re going to go to regular school.’ So he’s like, ‘Okay, I don’t really know how to be a regular kid,’ so he goes, and he makes some friends, but he kind of tries to use them at first to get back on the tour where he thinks he belongs. Then eventually he realizes that he kind of likes having these guys around.  So instead of going on the solo gaming tour, he chooses to keep these guys around and go on the team tour with these guys.”



Felix Avitia
I play Franklin on the show. Franklin’s very positive, very energetic. He wants to fit in. He’s not the best gamer like these guys who grew up like that, but he really wants to be, he wants to fit in with people and he wants to be a part of the group. He’s very smart, though. Outside of the gaming world, he’s very smart. He knows common sense and knows he loves school and just being in that. Of course he’s got a great sense of fashion, always wearing ties and shoes and pants and shirts, but he’s just a good kid. He wants to make everybody as happy as they can be, all the time. That’s what I love about him.



 A Typical Work Week
This is our 9th episode, so we’ve been here for about 9 weeks. We work 5 days a week, so actually I’ll start on Wednesday ’cause that’s when we do our table read. It’s kind of the beginning of when we shift our focus to a new episode. So we’ll do table read on Wednesday. Our table reads are not table reads. We never sit. We’re standing and kind of making up blocking as we go, and it’s really crazy and high energy in there. And then, Thursday we have run through. Friday we have run through. We have a weekend, and then Monday, Tuesday we come in and shoot.Cameron



After we spoke with the cast, we were able to watch an entire Network Run Through of Episode 9 (the Halloween episode) from beginning to end!  I’ve never been on a studio set before, much less watch a run through of an episode, so this was very exciting for me!



Let me tell you, these kids are true professionals.  I was shocked at the amount of people present to watch the Network Run Through.  I’m not sure if it’s “normal” to have so many but, it was quite impressive watching the cast act out scenes and stay in character, with all eyes on them.  The studio was filled with different sets for that particular episode and they moved between them with ease.  There was a basement/game room, a coffee shop, a school, a shopping area and even a woods set.  It was so elaborate and I felt like I was “in” the show watching it all!



We were able to take some pictures and talk with the cast afterwards and they were lovely.  I can tell you, this show is going to be another hit!  Make sure to catch it when it premieres July 22nd!
GAMER’S GUIDE TO PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING premieres on Disney XD Wednesday, July 22nd, at 9:30 PM ET/PT!
Disney provided me with an all expense paid trip to L.A. to attend the #AntManEvent in exchange for my coverage.  No other compensation is given and all opinions in my posts are 100% my own.  Disclosure Policy.

Alicia V

Saturday 24th of September 2016

This is great! We love watching Disney like EVERYTHING! Thankfully Disney shows are available on Netflix, and we enjoy quite a bit. I will have to check out this show, with my kiddos!

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