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Hotel Transylvania 2 Movie Review: Opens Today, September 25th


Last weekend I took the kids to a sneak preview of Hotel Transylvania 2, opening TODAY September 25th.  This sequel is the perfect movie just in time for Halloween!  The stars of the film include Dracula (Adam Sandler), Dennis (Asher Blinkoff), Mavis (Selenda Gomez) and Jonathan (Andy Samburg) and their characters shined!  Here is a brief synopsis:

Dracula and his monster friends are back for an all new adventure in Hotel Transylvania 2. The movie takes off where Hotel Transylvania left off. The relationship deepens between Mavis and Johnathan where they bring in a half human/half vampire named Dennis who is loving the world his grandfather Drac created of a monster/human friendly hotel. Mavis stressing that she wants a better environment for Dennis  when she decides that living near Johnathan’s family would be a better option than the hotel. Meanwhile Drac and the monster crew are on a mission to help Dennis get his vampire fangs before Mavis gets back to move away with her family. While Drac thinks he is one step ahead of his daughter, his daughters concern of how Dennis is doing with his Vampa worries her.  Watch what the monsters do to make you laugh and not be scared of them loving monsters again and again.


With all movies that contain monsters and the such, my first thought is “will my 7 year be scared?’  The short answer is: No!  While they are monsters in the movie, all of the characters are warm, sincere and funny!  Yes, I said funny.  This movie will not only entertain the kids but the adults will love it too.  It is a true family flick and even my “too cool for cartoons” 10 year old enjoyed it.  In fact, he keeps asking to see it again.  It definitely kept us entertained from start to finish.
We were able to catch the preview in 3D.  Now see, I am usually a huge fan of 3D films but truthfully, I didn’t think it brought much more to this particular film.  Sure it made the hotel a bit more creepier but I suggest saving the extra bucks for more popcorn (or candy)!
So, what are you waiting for?  Stop reading this review and go see Hotel Transylvania 2, now showing in theaters nationwide!  It will have you in the Halloween mood, for sure! 

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Monday 28th of September 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2 is far off from becoming a staple of the Halloween season, but on its own terms it's a relatively inventive, stylish, and somewhat hectic little movie that should make fans of the original more than happy.

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