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Make Dinner Easy With A Weekly Food Prep Guide & Family Pizza Combo at Sam’s Club

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All of a sudden my life went from slow motion, the relaxing days of Summer, to fast forward!  Since school began, my evenings are now consumed with soccer practices/games, homework, art classes, Girl Scout meetings, PTA meetings and more soccer practices.  My husband says we need to slow down and not take on so much, I say no way!  It can all be done but it takes a little planning ahead and some creativity.
Part of this “careful planning” includes prepping meals in advance.  Let me tell you, this shaves off so much time in the evenings and makes dinner a breeze.  However, some evenings are more jam packed than others and our only option is to pick up dinner.  Pizza night!!  FYI, Pizza night is my kids favorite night of the week.  OK, mine too!


Of course it’s our favorite night!  Just look at how delicious that pizza looks, simply mouth watering!  It’s not just my favorite night because it’s delicious, another reason I’m a pizza night fan is because there is no need for cooking.  Even better, there is no cleaning of pots and pans!  I would consider having pizza night every night of the week, if I could afford it.



Sam’s Club must have been reading my mind when they came out with their Family Meal Combo.  At their Cafe, you can purchase a hot 16 inch pizza, cheesy breadsticks with sauce, cookies and a 2-Liter Coke for only $13.98! What an amazing deal, right?!



Just look at all that food, they weren’t kidding when they called it a Family Meal Combo.  The combo fed my family of four and we had leftovers for lunch the next day!



But lets face it, as much as I would like pizza for dinner every night, I also like a variety.  So, I often cook and try new recipes.  As we all know, cooking a meal takes time and I am very short on time during the weekdays.  Here’s where the planning comes in!  Weekends is my time to prepare for the coming week, this includes laundry, cleaning, shopping and preparing weekday meals.  Yes you heard me correctly, I use the weekend to prepare my weekday meals and here is a guide to help you do the same!
Weekly Food Prep Guide



1.  Plan.  This is the fun part, at least for a planner like myself.  I start off with scowling recipe books, the internet and Pinterest for meals.  I pay close attention to the ingredients, choosing meals that are easy to assemble and freeze well.  Some of my favorites are crock pot meals because it saves on that evening cooking time!



2.  Make your list, check it twice and shop.  I am a believer in lists.  The worst is when you come home from the store, go to cook your meal and realize you are missing an ingredient.  Pay particular attention to your spices, they are always the ones we tend to overlook.



3.  Prep your food.  Peel, chop and cut all your raw vegetables for the week.  Prepare your meats by browning all ground beef, ground turkey or sausage that are included in your recipes.  Trim and/or pre-cut beef, pork and chicken.



4.  Assemble.  Assemble your meals in gallon sized freezer bags.  These bags are super handy, the perfect size and contain a space where you can label the contents of the bag.  Squeeze out ALL air in the bag, seal, label and store until use.



And there you have it, a simple prep guide that will save you tons of time with preparing dinner throughout the week!  As a bonus, I have listed 20 great recipes that will get you started.  Now the question remains, what will you do with all the extra time these easy meals save you?




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  • Such a great idea! Meal planning is a lifesaver, and I've heard lots about prepping ahead of time but I've never tried it, with how busy life is getting these days I think I just might have to now, though! Also you can never go wrong with that DELICIOUS looking pizza!! ~ client

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