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PAN Movie Review: Opens TODAY October 9th


We all know the story of Peter Pan, the flying boy who never grew up with an arch enemy named Captain Hook.  Such a classic story, it seems many studios think there should be some sort of Peter Pan remake every 5-6 years.  Enter the newest Peter Pan movie starring Hugh Jackman (Blackbeard) and Levi Miller (Peter) – PAN, opening TODAY October 9th.

The story begins with Peter as a baby left at an orphanage by his Mother.  Fast forward some years later, Peter as a little boy causing a bit of trouble in the orphanage, by searching for the food rations during World War II.  Times were tough during the war, especially at the orphanage, which resulted in the boys being sold off to work a pixie dust mine in Neverland.  Oh Neverland, where ships fly and alligators bite hands off.  Not quite yet…
You see, this is before Captain Hook became the infamous “Captain Hook” we all know and hate.  In the movie, he’s known as James Hook and he’s stuck in that same dirty Pixie Dust mine with Peter.  Once it is revealed that Peter could fly, unbeknownst to him, James hatches a plan to escape the mine with Peters help.
However, Blackbeard is not going to let them off that easy.  It was prophesized many years ago, a “boy who could fly” would be the savior to take down Blackbeard (who’s been in power ever since the great pirate/fairy war).  Now on the run, they find a hidden Neverland tribe, led by Tiger Lily, who worship the lost fairies and knows of Peter’s Mother and “Pan’s” destiny.
While the movie is a bit weird and confusing at times, I enjoyed it.  I reminded me a lot of Labyrinth.  Sure, it’s not going to win an Oscar for “Best Picture” but visually it was beautiful.  I definitely suggest seeing this one in 3D, it will be worth every penny.  I took my 7 year old daughter with me to the screening.  I have to admit, I was a little worried it might be too “dark” for her but she enjoyed it as well.  The visuals won her over; the jump from the “norm” won me.  No, it’s not your every day Peter Pan but who wants another everyday Peter Pan movie?  Don’t we have enough of those?
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