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Exclusive Interview with Raymond Ochoa, Jack Bright & Marcus Scribner: Voices of Arlo, Spot & Buck from The Good Dinosaur

Disney provided me with an all expense paid trip to L.A. to attend the #GoodDinoEvent in exchange for my coverage.  No other compensation is given and all opinions in my posts are 100% my own.  Disclosure Policy.


The Good Dinosaur opened in theaters last week to great reviews!  Last month, while in Los Angeles for the press junket of The Good Dinosaur, I had the opportunity to interview Raymond Ochoa voice of Arlo, Jack Bright voice of Spot and Marcus Scribner voice of Buck.
We had pre-screened the movie the night beforehand and I immediately fell in love with it.  I thought it was another great film to add to the Disney Pixar collection.  I was especially won over with the characters in the movie!  Arlo “the runt” looking to make his mark in the family, Buck the rambunctious older brother of Arlo and Spot the little orphaned boy; totally won me over!  Having the opportunity to meet and interview the actors behind those lovable characters was a special treat.


When the boys walked into the room of applauding bloggers, the mom in me wanted to jump up and give them all big ole hug!  Especially, Jack.  He was as cute as he could be, looked to be around my sons age, and was obviously a bit nervous.  However, he did fantastic throughout the interview; they all did!  All the boy’s were thoughtful, intelligent and had a nice rapport with one another.  Their mother’s (and Papa’s) should be proud!  Here are some highlights of that interview.



On Getting Into Character
Raymond: Mine was research. I did a lot of research on the Apatosaurus. First off, I had no idea what he looked like, so that was one of them. After I looked it up, I kind of saw the long neck and he was kind-looking and sweet in the front of it. But, also it’s a Pixar movie so you know it has to be kid-friendly obviously, it was pretty difficult to make him sound that way. I think Pete trusted my voice and making it sound good, so I hope it worked.
Marcus: It definitely worked. I saw the movie and Raymond’s voice definitely fit the Apatosaurus. I agree with Raymond. It was definitely research because like he said I had no clue what an Apatosaurus was. What I saw in The Good Dinosaur was like, “Oh, that’s a Brontosaurus.” and then I was like “Oh, nope, it’s called an Apatosaurus.” So I did research and definitely getting into character really helped because Buck is really gruff and he’s really tough of a character. He’s very rambunctious, so to play a character like that I really had to let all my emotions through and just give it my all and play it towards the microphone. Doing voiceover is very different from live-action, so I was really able to release the character within.
Jack: Playing Spot is very fun. You would get to make all his noises, you go all-out, you just make noise. Like going around the house annoying my brother, they’re like “How did being so annoying, making all those noises get you to be in a movie?” It’s very fun.



 On Their Favorite Scenes
Jack: I like when Arlo is trying to get the berries from the tree and he falls! Then he looks behind him and Spot is on top of the big mountain, he looks down at him after!
Raymond: I particularly like the scene where me and Spot were in the sand and we start sharing our family. That was really touching to me. It was actually really difficult to film that scene because I know Pete, he’s such an amazing director, he knows what he wants. He has his own vision, so I think that was the scene that took probably the longest to film. That was probably the longest because he knew that that was going be really impactful to the crowd and to the audience. So just by saying that one line, it was just literally naming names but just filming that was so amazing. Once I did complete it, it was such a relief and it was like wow, I finally got what Pete wanted, and it was amazing.
Marcus: My favorite scene to film was where I get to scare Arlo. I mean, that scene took a while to film because my voice is very weird right now, so laughing is a little difficult. It was like “Laugh.” and no sound really came out, so that scene took a little bit to film. To actually see it on the big screen was really nice and I was like oh wow, I actually sound like I’m laughing. Raymond was definitely right, working with Peter is what really got me to that place. He really gives you the direction that he wants you to go in, and you just act it out for him and it translated well on to the big screen.



On Relating With Their Character
Raymond: I think one of Arlo’s biggest goals is to make his parents proud. I mean, his main one is his papa. He really looks up to his papa and I think that’s one of my biggest characteristics. I try to be the best son as I can to my parents, I do respect them a lot, so to be a great son to them, that’s all I really want in life. They do so much for me, so I just want to pay them back for all they do. Arlo is very helpful as well, so I want to be as helpful as he is to the family. I don’t really have a lot of chores in my life so I want to start being like him ‘cause, you know, he does have to take care of the farm. He has to replace his papa as not being there, and that’s really difficult for him. I’m gonna try and be more helpful around the house just like Arlo is on his farm.
Jack:  Spot is wild, he’s not really scared of anything!
Raymond: Spot is very vicious and he’s very mean but that’s what Arlo sees in the beginning. He’s really not like that later on in the film. That’s why he and Arlo become friends. He really sees the kind in him. I literally just met Jack last night. Just by seeing him, I see how kind he is, how much of an amazing soul he is, and he’s a great son. He was talking to his mom and I was like wow, he’s so kind. I think that’s where I see the resemblance between him and Spot. You’re a pretty cool guy.
Marcus:  I really aspire to be like Buck, my character, who’s really self-confident and he’s a real leader.  I hope that I have those traits and hopefully I’ll develop them in the future. Buck is really cool character and it was really cool to get to play him, so he’s very different from my personality in real life.



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