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Schnucks Nourishes The Body & Soul: Creamy Fiesta Corn Recipe & Holiday Turkey Hack

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My family and my origins are from the Deep South.  That’s like in ‘Nawlins Dawlin…’  It is a culture whose roots entwine so pervasively that one could not escape their clench even if one tried.  I’ve lived most of my life here in Saint Louis ever since my Step-father’s job transferred us when I was barely in my teens.  I love my life with its Mid-Western values, true seasons, wildlife, the arts, literature, science and all the area has to offer; but the essence of my Holidays is pure Louisiana.  The richness of bayou cooking, infused with Creole flavors that hint of a people whose zest for life is both profound and passionate, it’s a gift my mother’s grandmother instilled in her and is the heart for most of my recipes. It is also a gift that I intend to pass on to my daughter.

The core of my being is my family.  My professional life aside, everything I do is because and for them.  Cooking is a means to pour out my love in dishes that are eye-pleasing, tasty and nourishing.  During the Holidays I get to empty myself into a recipe that will fill my family with goodness.  It’s this food that nourishes our appetites but it is the traditions that nourish our soul.   


As a writer and a cook, a full time working mother and wife, it is not easy to shop, plan, and prepare the meals and dishes that I want my family to take delight in.  I, like most everyone else, need to save time and money while receiving the best quality food available.   Also, I love to create recipes. I use the lushness of my food heritage and combine it with many of my new favorite things (also my family’s favorites) and craft what will hopefully become new traditions in our family.  One of my new picks is this Creamy Fiesta Corn Recipe.

Because my time is limited, I take every opportunity to bond with my daughter as she accompanies me on trips to my favorite store, Schnucks.  There she can be a customer, cook, and critic in training.  It has such a family-friendly atmosphere that she equates a shopping trip to a trip to the park!



My recipes call for the freshest of ingredients, Schnucks has the freshest produce and products.  TheirSavings Salute Initiative makes shopping at their store not just a pleasure, but an AFFORDABLE pleasure!  A salute is done as a gesture to show respect and to honor someone.  When Schnucks cut all their prices across the board, the chain honored and respected its valued customers.



And as we were waiting to check-out I glanced back at my daughter, with her cart filled with meals we will create together, and took in the moment.  In these simple yet truly important moments, we are forging memories of a lifetime.  I can picture us together years from now, myself withered and grey, her talented and accomplished; and while cooking something incredible her saying, “Do you remember when we would shop together and prepare holiday meals?  Yes, the memories we are fashioning and meals we are creating is nourishment for my soul.



Creamy Fiesta Corn Recipe
Cooked Bacon Slices
4 cups Sweet Corn Kernels
1 white onion
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Green Bell Pepper 
8oz Cream Cheese
1/2 cup Half-and-Half
Salt & Pepper to Taste



Cook bacon in a large skillet until extra crispy.  Set aside on paper towels to drain grease.  Save ~ 4 TBS of grease that has remained in the skillet.



Chop up the vegetables on cutting board and add to the skillet.



Add 4 TBS of bacon drippings to the skillet, along with chopped vegetables and corn.



Saute vegetables on medium heat for about 6 minutes or until tender.



Stir in cream cheese and half-and-half to the mixture.  Continue to stir until all cream cheese has melted.



Top with crumbled bacon and serve hot.
This is a quick, easy and delicious side dish the entire family will enjoy!  Happy Eating!
Holiday Turkey Hack

Save yourself time and free up your oven on the busiest cooking day of the year by cooking your turkey in a slow cooker! 
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Remove turkey from packaging (remove neck and pouch with organs), rinse and pat dry.  Place in slow cooker with wings down.  Add seasoning, butter, and all other goodies to your turkey.  Cover and cook turkey on low 6-8 hours, time will depend on size of turkey (my 10 pound turkey took 7 hours to cook).

If you want a brown skin, you can remove from slow cooker after it’s cooked and place in broiler 15-20 minutes.  However, the meat is juicy and melts in your mouth right out of the slow cooker, it is delicious either way!

Just look how that meat falls off the bone!  You will never cook a turkey in the oven again.  What dish are you planning to make this holiday season?


Friday 18th of December 2015

This seriously looks SO delicious, PLUS, who doesn't love a turkey and the fact that you used your slow cooker? Genius! Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe and perfect life hack for the holidays! #client

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