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Gluten-Free Creole Crab Cakes Recipe

Disclosure: This post was sponsored but all opinions and thoughts are my own

You cannot teach a crab to walk straight.
— Aristophanes
Crab! Crab! Crab! From Blue, Dungeness, Snow, King, Alaska and Stone, I love crabs; but, alas, they are not always practical, affordable, or accessible. As a longtime resident of the Midwest, my love affair with the tasty sweet crustacean had to remain on the back burner, save for the occasional trip to The Gulf or Maryland or somewhere along the Pacific. I sadly missed the taste of all things crab, and fancy restaurants were cost prohibitive. Until…, Oh! The part about teaching a crab to walk straight. Well, that’s how I satisfied my crab cravings. I discovered Crab Classic! Aristophanes was a fifth century Greek playwright. I chose his quote to title this piece for a variety of reasons. While it is true that crabs cannot be taught to walk straight, Crab Classic can be used to teach the crab to do many things it probably could not do otherwise. Crab Classic is for me, more than a crab substitute. It is crab made easy! For example, all Crab Classic products are made in a 100% gluten-free facility. A natural environment cannot say the same. This nationally number one surimi brand seafood is exquisitely delicious. Fat-free and low in calories, I often come home from shopping, rip open the bag and have a few for a snack. I would like to see someone teach a crab to do that! I could maybe rip off a crab’s leg and suck, but that would not be quite the same snack.


Not only is Crab Classic fat-free it is also gluten free, it is certified heart healthy by the American Heart Association, and it is MSC certified as a sustainable food source. Crab Classic can be used in so many delightful sea-food recipes from appetizers, to sides and main dishes. You can use them to make creative sushi recipes. Crab Classic is a staple in my household. I love their light and pleasant taste! Crab Classic’s all natural ingredients come from only King Crab meat and Alaskan Pollock. In my opinion it is tastier than plain crab and a lot less messy! One of my favorite dishes for company is crab cakes. They come out tasting so fabulous and are just elegant to present. I always receive complements on them. But a bit of smart advice, if you make these be sure to make extra like I do because people always want seconds! Like Aristophanes says “You can’t teach a crab to walk backwards”, maybe not, but Crab Classic sure has taught it to do a lot of other tastier things. For more information, check out their web site at:


Gluten-Free Creole Crab Cakes Recipe
1 lb Crab Meat
1/3 cup Panko Breadcrumbs (Gluten-Free)
1 Egg
2 TBS Fresh Chives (chopped)
1 TBS Fresh Parsley (chopped)
1 1/2 TBS Mayonaise (Canola based)
1 TBS Lemon Juice
1/1 tsp Lemon Rind (grated)
1/4 tsp Black Pepper (ground)
1/4 Creole Seasoning
1/8 tsp Red Pepper (ground)
1 TBS Olive Oil
Optional Topping: Remoulade Sauce



1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees and coat baking sheet with olive oil.
2.  Combined all ingredients above (except olive oil used to coat pan) and mix thoroughly.



3. Form patties and place on oil coated pan.
4. Bake ~20 minutes, flipping the patties over once after 10 minutes.
5. Serve with optional Remoulade Sauce and enjoy!



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