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Alice Through The Looking Glass Red Carpet Premiere: Come Through The Looking Glass With Me


A wise man once told me, “A million people would love to be in your shoes at this moment, to have the opportunity to walk the red carpet of a Hollywood blockbuster movie.”  As I stepped on the red carpet for the premiere of Alice Through The Looking Glass (opening May 27th), those words resonated with me the entire evening.  I took in every moment and documented the evening to share my incredible experience with you all.  Come peek through the looking glass and see what it’s like to attend a Hollywood premiere.


Be Our Guest
It’s one thing to be a part of the red carpet and experience all the excitement that takes place at a Hollywood premiere.  However, it’s another level of awesome when you hold the “Guest of Disney” badge and not only have the chance to experience the red carpet but are allowed to take part in all the “behind the scenes” of the days events.  This includes witnessing P!NK perform her hit “Just Like Fire” and “White Rabbit” LIVE on Hollywood Blvd for The Jimmy Kimmel Show.



Her performance was actually being taped for The Jimmy Kimmel Show, which was a bonus for us because we were able to watch her perform each song TWICE!  It was incredible!  I am a big P!NK fan, she is so talented but also very down to earth for being the mega star she is.



You may have noticed how close I was to the stage.  Oh yes, I was so close to P!NK I could almost reach out and touch her.  No, I didn’t try.  Yes, I thought about it.  Check out her performance:



The Red Carpet
Sacha Baron Cohen, P!ink,  Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway, & Matt Lucas Photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages
Finally, it was time to walk the red carpet with the amazing talent from Alice Through The Looking Glass!



My favorite part of the red carpet is spotting the celebrities, here is a shot I got of Sacha Baron Cohen!  Now some of the celebrities are virtually impossible to snap a picture of, especially the stars of the film, because they are surrounded by media.  Others are walking around the carpet and more than happy to take a snap with you!



Twitch from The Ellen Show



Mel B from The Spice Girls



JoJo & Kendal K from Dance Moms



It was time for the show!!



And let me tell you, everyone was trying to get in to see Alice Through The Looking Glass.  They must have heard what an amazing movie it is, I will have a full review on Friday!
The After Party



After the movie, we were invited to attend the after party at The Roosevelt Hotel.  There were activities such as make-up stations, photo booths, nail polish stations and even a fun virtual reality experience.



We drank, we dined, and we treated ourselves to fun Alice inspired desserts!
Attending an after party for a huge Hollywood blockbuster film like Alice Through The Looking Glass is truly surreal.  One minute you are in line at the photo booth and the next minute you look over your shoulder and spot Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy standing next to you!  So, of course you ask for a photo with him!
Or one minute you are chatting with friends, only to spot the iconic Lars Ulrich from Metallica!
However, nothing could have prepared me for the moment I met THE QUEEN…
The Queen of Hearts, that is.
The night was truly a magical experience, fitting for a movie that is just as magical!
ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS opens in theaters everywhere on May 27, 2016!

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Sunday 16th of October 2016

[…] the pleasure to attend the Alice Through The Looking Glass press junket in LA.  During my trip I walked the red carpet, watched P!NK perform live for The Jimmy Kimmel Show and interviewed some of the talent for the […]

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