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Captain America Civil War Opens TODAY: Five Reasons It Is A MUST See

The day has finally arrived, Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters everywhere TODAY!  Our favorite super heroes are back and more awesome than ever.  I had the chance to check out a sneak peek of the movie earlier this week and let me begin by saying, it was amazing!  Did we have any doubt?  It’s Marvel after all!

Captain America: Civil War is quite possibly my favorite movie in the Marvel collection thus-far.  The reason being is because it gives a more “human” element to the characters.  The title itself tells you there is problems in the Universe: Civil War.  A war within the super hero clan and they are forced to take sides: #TeamIronman or #TeamCap
5 Reasons Captain America: Civil War Is A MUST See
Choosing Sides
The movie begins with Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Widow (Scarlett Johanssen), Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) on a misson in Nigeria.  A tragic accident occurs which leads to the death of many innocent lives.  This causes a national outcry for superheroes and the Avengers to be monitored by the United Nations.  Ironman (Robert Downey Jr.) is in agreement with this regulation after he encounters a woman who blames him for her sons death.  However, Captain America is much opposed to the new regulations and refuses to conform to the new rules.
Whether you are #TeamCap or #TeamIronman, I bet you during the movie, you will start rethinking sides.  They both have very valid points in their arguments and believe what they are doing is for the good of mankind.
The Fight Scenes
The heroes ARE forced to choose sides and when battle lines are crossed, fighting ensues!  The best of the best super heroes on the planet fighting EACHOTHER?  Of course the fight scenes will be simply amazing!  There is a particularly intense scene that will forever live in your mind, it is the airport fight scenes.  Last Summer, I had the chance to interview Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige at an Ant-Man press junket.  There was a moment in the interview when a fellow blogger shows an image of Ant-Man on Hawkeyes arrow.  Mr. Feige responds to the image saying, “I love that image, usually images I love find their way into movies.”  Look for it!
From the moment Spider-Man (Tom Holland) made his appearance n the trailer, fans went crazy with excitement!  When I saw him live in action, a boy-ish Spider-Man that was faning all over the battlefront, I came to the realization that Spidey was FINALLY done right.  Thank you Marvel for bringing back the Spider-Man we all know and love in the comics!
Black Panther
Such a cool cat, such a cool character.  I absolutely loved the introduction of the Blank Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and the story behind his character.  I look forward to seeing what beholds his future in the Marvel Universe.
Girl Power
One thing (of many) that Marvel does right is include strong female characters.  From Black Widow to Scarlet Witch, the girls in this film take part in some awesome fighting scenes and are just incredible!
I know I said “5 reasons” to see Captain America: Civil War but I must throw in a 6th.  We all know Stan Lee loves to make surprise appearances, well his part in the movie had me cracking up!!  So what are you waiting for?  Captain America: Civil War exceeds expectations and is a MUST see!

Three Rings

Tuesday 10th of May 2016

I agree - it Was a bit to long but better than expected - Spider-Man is to kewl

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