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Norm Of The North NOW on BluRay/DVD

I received a copy of movie to facilitate my review.


Norm Of The North is now out on Bluray/DVD.  Do you own it yet?  The story centers around, you guessed it, Norm the Polar Bear.  You see, Norm has an amazing ability no other animal around has, he can speak to humans.  His grandfather also shared this ability.  However, this ability also leads to Norm being made fun of and teased because Norm has more than just the ability to speak human, he also acts human.

Because of this “strange” ability, humans have started to flock to the North to watch the eccentric Polar Bear.  This has not been a good thing.  With all the humans flocking to see the back-flipping, twerking bear, the other animals around have started to become angry.  Humans are moving in to their prime real estate and it is up to Norm to put an end to it!  So, he takes his cause to the big human city to discourage these humans from the North!
Will he succeed?  Watch and see!  The kids enjoyed it and of course, I can’t resist a good twerk!
·     Deleted Scenes
·     Do the Arctic Shake! Sing-Along
·     Thats Funny! The Movies Best Jokes & One-liners
·     Arctic Challenge Trivia Game
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