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Why You Should Party Like A Mother: Bad Moms Movie Review

Disclosure: I was provided an all expense paid trip in order to facilitate this interview.


Bad Moms opens in theaters across the nation TODAY!
I know I’m not the only mom out there that is just plain tired.  Tired of trying to be the “perfect” mom.  Tired of all the mom-hating.  And yes, sometimes tired of parenthood in general.  So many of us moms feel that way, in fact, so many they made a movie about it!  Bad Moms, opening TODAY, is a film every mother can watch and live vicariously through.


Amy [Mila Kunis], is a frazzled working mother trying to do it all despite a lazy husband, idiot boss, and unrealistic examples of moms at her kids school.  After the seemingly “perfect mom” and PTA president Gwendolyn [Christina Applegate] demands that Amy help organize a bake sale, Amy reaches her breaking point.  She befriends Carla [Kathryn Hahn], a raunchy single mom who brings the laughs, and Kiki [Kristen Bell], a timid mom of “too many kids”, and together they embrace being a “bad mom”.



After liberating themselves from the “perfect mom” facade, they begin hitting the bars, meeting men, ditching work and even go on a hilarious bender at the grocery store.  And oh how freeing it is!  But not everyone is hip to this “bad mom” lifestyle.  In fact, Gwendolyn is not thrilled at all and begins to interfere, bringing out a “Mean Girls” scenario in this “Bad Moms” movie.
Written and Directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who also penned The Hangover, Bad Moms is hysterical, relate-able and delivers an important message.  That message being, we don’t have to live up to these unrealistic expectations of motherhood.   You don’t have to be a “perfect” mom, doing less is OK, and stop the mom hating because we are all in this together.



I urge every mother, grandmother, husband and friend to go see Bad Moms!  I have not laughed so hard watching a movie in a VERY long time!  However, leave the kids at home because this film is also filled with profanity and some funny mature content.  So, what are you waiting for?  PARTY LIKE A MOTHER and go see Bad Moms TODAY!!  Just Do It, or Just Do Less.  You deserve it.
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