Back To School with Hewlett Packard at Walmart: BONUS Exam Planner & FREE Printables

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Back To School with Hewlett Packard at Walmart: BONUS Exam Planner & Free Printables!

School begins soon! I have two school-aged children and back to school time – as most parents know – can be costly and stressful. Every year it seems the supply list grows longer, the clothes more designer and expensive, the needs expansive, and the wants considerable. In other words, I need to be careful with my budget to make certain all of the ‘areas’ mentioned are covered. We live in the age of technology and information. As a blogger, my career is dependent upon technology. The schools of today are interdependent with technology and many children can use computers more proficiently than they can use a telephone book. A what? On line Yellow Pages perhaps.


My household is alive with technology. From laptops and tablets to large desktops and cellphones, every person owns at least two items and possibly more. Imagine my surprise when my son announced to me that for his birthday he wanted a desktop computer. “Why” I asked, “when you have a tablet to use”? “For school, Mom, duh!” Of course, how foolish of me! I was then ‘educated’ by my son that he concentrates better sitting at his desk, and a desktop works best for open books and studying! Then, he informed me further that when he has free time his games will be more fun using a desktop, because the graphics and capabilities better! My son then related to me the specs he needed in his new computer. Zach will be eleven!



Okay”, I said. “We can research for the best price with the most features.
Don’t move! Stay there and close your eyes!” I did as he asked.
Zach was gone for a moment, then he reappeared with a hand written checklist. It was a list with five of the major brands of computers. It had columns of specifications and corresponding uses for those specs. Then it had a final column for a points rating system and cost. He even copied a couple of user reviews. And just to be a little fancy and to put things in perspective he compared what he wanted to a workstation that cost over $2,000.00 Did I say my son is precocious? And tech savvy? I was a bit flabbergasted.
You really want a computer, don’t you?”
I really, really, really, really, REALLY, do Mom”, was his emphatic reply.



Together we sat and went over his list. There were some things that needed explaining to me. The final result and his best choice, and the obvious choice for me based upon performance capabilities, memory, design, graphics, display, ease of use, and affordability was the Hewlett Packard PC! Then he had a final analysis. This was where to buy it. Even using coupons and discounts, the easiest most affordable place to buy was Walmart.  The NEW Hewlett Packard computers at Walmart are not only affordable but top notch for our tech savvy family!



Did I say my son knows how to sell? He sold me! Now, we needed to sell it to his dad. It did not take long because my husband is a gamer and he immediately understood where Zach was coming from. He studied his sheet, asked a few questions, then nodded his consent. The computer my son chose was the redesigned HP All-In-One 22-b013w.



This computer is ready and reliable. It has a ‘space-age’ look with its new design, stylish ripple pattern, and elevated stand. It has enough storage and computing power to make my husband jealous! It is backed by over 100 tests and family approved! This budget-friendly family computer could fit any family’s needs.


Did I mention his computer is also touch screen? Zachary got a new desktop for his birthday and it was more than he dreamed of! Redesigned. Reliable. Ready For You. My only concern was that someone in the family would try to ‘jack’ the new computer. Zach might have to put a lock on his door!
Homework Station Tutorial + FREE Planner Printables
To get the school year started off right, we created a homework/exam station for Zachary.



Click on the images above to download and print these FREE Exam/Homework Planner printables.



Once you print out your planners, you are ready to laminate them!



Purchase self-adhesive laminating sheets.  I found mine at Walmart but they can also be purchased at an office supply store.



Peel paper off of the laminating sheet and keep sticky side up.  Place exam/homework planner face DOWN to avoid bubbling.  Then place another laminating sheet on the back of the printable and trim edges.



To mount the planners on the wall, I used these mounting tabs.  They are easily removable and do not pull off paint from the wall.



I placed a mounting tab on each corner of the planners and mounted.


We now have the perfect homework station to accompany his HP PC from Walmart!
If you like your HP computer like I do, be sure to visit Walmart to share your thoughts!  Encourage other parents to shop smart this back to school season with your online review.

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  • This is an awesome computer it looks like! I absolutely love Hewlett Packard computers. They truly last a long time and they're very affordable! Touch screen is the way to go anymore and this one looks like a good / sturdy one to have, and such a great price too!

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