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Apple Picking Season At Eckert’s Farm

Disclosure: I was given free tickets to facilitate this post.


Like clockwork.  September hits and the cool breeze is in the air, the kids start asking “When are we going apple picking?”  That is a good question, when ARE we going apple picking?  It’s a loved tradition not only adored by the kids but adults alike.  Eckert’s Farms in Belleville is our go-to fruit picking destination.  You may remember earlier in the year, the family and I took part in the Strawberry picking festitivities.


The kids love being out in the fields picking fruit but I believe their favorite thing to do is ride the tractor out to the fields.  All loaded up with bags in hand, the tractor heads out and brings us right to the apple trees.



And when I say that tractor is loaded up, I mean it is loaded.  We are not the only ones that are aware Eckert’s apple picking season is in full effect and THE place to be at the beginning of fall.



Can I just tell you how I adore the view in the fields?  As the kids run around, grabbing every apple in site, I like to pause and take in the beauty around us.  It’s something special.


And the apples.  What a learning experience it is for the kids.  No kids, apples do NOT grow in grocery stores!  They grow in fields and are harvested by farmers which then turn and sell them to grocery stores.  We may or may not have had this conversation.



The kids did not even play around when it came to picking apples.  They were in the trees, inspecting each and every apple using the scientific method, before they picked it off the tree!


With bags filled, we headed back to the tractor and my mind was filled with apple recipes to make!  Don’t fret, they are coming to the blog soon!


This was our haul.  Ha!!  I wish, that is a LOT of apples!


Apple picking is an entire day event!  We always work up a hunger in the fields, so when we return we grab lunch at the resturant and then head on over to the children’s area!



Where the kids are entertained with rides, clowns, animal petting areas and…



Even horseback riding!!



Our visits to Eckerts is always a day filled with memories in the making.  It is a tradition we will cotinue and I hope my kids pass it on to theirs.


But before we head home, one MUST order frozen custard for the drive back!

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Sunday 16th of October 2016

[…] I am a Fall fan is because of Apple Season!  You may have read, last month the family and I went apple picking at Eckert’s Farm.  We left with bags and bags full of apples, so of course that calls for apple recipes!  This […]

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