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Tools For Making The Puberty & Sex Talk Easier: AMAZE Takes The Awkward Out Of Sex Education

puberty talk with amaze
Written by mandipie4u
This post is made possible by support from AMAZE. All opinions are my own.

puberty talk with amaze

AMAZE will amaze you by taking the awkward out of Sex Education!
My fear has been like creepy footsteps doggedly following me through the fog of life since the birth of my daughter. Oh yes, I rejoice in the fact that I have a beautiful, sweet, smart, lovely child that seems two grow 3-years in maturity for each year of chronological growth. We do amazing things together, and after years of being with only my husband and son, it has been so fulfilling to do ‘girlie’ things with my daughter. However, those footsteps are growing louder and coming closer. I want to run to safety. There are no doorways to escape into, no tunnels to cover me, no trees to hide behind, and no superheroes to deliver me.


I look at her beautiful face, and briefly, I want it to stay babyish forever. That is so selfish of me! She is transforming into the young woman that she was created to be. Unique, attractive, intelligent, and blossoming into the flower of young womanhood. Those footsteps are so close that I might be stepped on or run over. My fear looms large. Do I hear heavy breathing? Yes, I do; and, it is my own. I sweat at the prospect and my palms are clammy. Am I the only Mother afflicted with this? I do not know, but I am certain that it can be problematical for most. Psychologists recommend naming and facing one’s fears. That sounds like a plan. I take a deep breath and turn toward the loud clattering steps. The fog thins, and I see more clearly. It occurs to me, use a tool.

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Not a defensive weapon, but a well fashioned AMAZE-ing instrument designed to help parents to do a specific task. The instrument is funny videos that I watch with both my son and daughter. Together we have fun and talk about the changes to their body and things to come. What a relief! No longer do I feel it in terms of an all-consuming fear. It is not a terror or dread that has lain dormant and called to life by the relentless march of time; no, it has actually become fun! One may ask, what was this once fearful dread? It was simply speaking to my children about the physical changes that accompany puberty. Now we discuss! We are a team and the videos were fantastic entertainment and top quality information! AMAZE-ingly that dread was turned to fun, turned to education, turned to quality time with my children! I was AMAZEd! Try it with your teen/preteen, I am sure that you too will be AMAZEd!



To learn more about AMAZE, check out the AMAZE website.  You can also follow AMAZE on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even Snapchat: AMAZEorg!

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