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You’re Invited To The Queen Of Katwe Red Carpet Premiere: My Experience And After Party Fun #QueenOfKatweEvent

Disney’s Queen Of Katwe opens in theaters everywhere September 30th!  Limited release TODAY, check your theaters!  Red carpet premiere and after party experience.
I’ve been asked on multiple occassions, “You’ve been able to experience so many amazing opportunities because of your job, from traveling the world to interviewing movie stars, what has been your favorite thing to do?”  Easy.  I absolutely, positively love walking the red carpet with the stars!  This is now the 4th time I’ve had the opportunity to attend a red carpet movie premiere and the excitement never gets old.  In fact, I believe I become more excited each time.  Maybe it’s because I am now a professional carpet walker (Ha!) and I no longer become nervous, whatever the reason one thing is for sure; I always rock that carpet like a movie star!  Or at least I do in my own mind.

It’s a tradition, before we walk the red carpet, we stop on over to take a group photo on the Oscar steps.  All of us bloggers, dressed to the 9’s, looking simply gorgeous is always a theme of the occassion.  This particular red carpet premiere, I could not help but admire the amazingly colorful attire.  It was so fitting for the Queen of Katwe movie premiere, the costumes in the movie were bright and beautiful and so were we!


Fun fact, a red carpet movie premiere does is not always have a red carpet.  In fact in the past, I’ve attended a red carpet premiere and walked a green carpet!  This particular premiere for Queen of Katwe had a “red-ish” carpet and let me tell you, I! Worked! it!  I was working that carpet so hard, it began to glow, hover and sparkle!  Again, this was in my head.
When I first received the invite for the Queen of Katwe red carpet premiere, my first thought was “The dress!”  I like to have a themed dress for the occassion and with this movie being based on a girl from Africa, I knew I wanted a brightly colored print dress.  For some reason, peacocks came to mind.  Let me tell you, the dress I chose has now placed as my most favorite red carpet dress ever.  And oh, the compliments!  Of course I ate the compliments up but, receiving compliments on my dress from the stars themselves, it just verifies my dress decision.


Of course, I was not the only one looking hot and tearing up the carpet like a star, all my blogger girls were!  There is just something about walking a red carpet.  When you share a carpet with amazing talent & movie stars, join the hustle & bustle and become immersed in the Hollywood life, you can’t help but ooze confidence and radiate!


Like I touched on earlier, every carpet is different, from the color of the carpet to the decorations and size.  The red carpet premiere for Queen of Katwe was so intimate, you could almost reach out and touch the stars!  Or at least call out “Hey girl!” when you see Lupita Nyong’o and she responds “Heyyyy, I’ll catch you at the after party!  Save me a dance!”


And David Oyelowo sees you and is all like, “Ah! I’m sorry I couldn’t attend the interviews today Amanda! But will you do me the honor of a selfie?”  And I blush a bit and tell him, “Oh David, of course I will!”



Again, this may have been in my head.


Before we entered the El Capitan theater to watch the incredible movie, Queen of Katwe (full review next week), I stood back and watched the stars, talent and real life people from the film come together for a photo!  You could tell they all really enjoyed eachothers company and were friends, this was definitely verified in the interviews.  Stay tuned next week for those as well!


After the movie, we all dried our eyes (bring tissues!) and headed across the street to attend the after party at the Hard Rock Cafe!


The after party always contains plenty of food, drinks, music, fun and stars!  It’s quite a privilege to have the opportunity to attend the party, surrounded by celebrities you watch on TV and the big screen.  And to chat with them and take a few pictures, it’s truly surreal.



Of course, I DO take plenty with them to document the occasion and chat it up!  Having attended these events for a couple of years now, I actually have more to chat about then when I first attended an after party!!  Like when I see Nathan Arenas from Bunk’d and we talked about his very first interview with me and the other bloggers on that particular junket!  And when I see Josh Peck and he remembers our interview last year when I was on the set of GrandFathered.  Yes, I’m a pro, in my head.


Remember that dance Lupita promised me?  Well, she was good on her word!  She got on that dance floor as promised and got down with Madina Nalwanga, Martin Kabanza and me of course!  I know you are expecting me to say “in my head” on this one but nope, it really happened and I have proof!  Look at the blue haired cutie behind Lupita in the photo above, it’s me!!!!


The red carpet movie premiere and after party was amazing!  Queen of Katwe was an incredibly touching story you don’t want to miss.  It was an honor to be a part of this movie premiere!



Queen of Katwe opens in theaters everywhere September 30th!!

Alicia V

Friday 23rd of September 2016

This event was AMAZING to follow along with on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. Seeing everyones' dresses, the interviews, after party, and more! I am so glad that you got to attend. I know I can't wait to see Queen Of Katwe. It looks like an absolutely great movie.

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