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The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere: The Internet’s Reaction

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The Walking Dead Season 7 premiered last night and the internet was abuzz with #TheWalkingDead hashtag trending all day.  Season 6 ended on one of the biggest cliffhangers in the history of television and speculation of “Who dies?” at the hands (or bat) of Neagan, has been circulating ever since.  We knew it was going to be a BIG kill, the last scene of Season 6 finale shows the death through the eyes of the victim and prepared us for the gore to come.  Or maybe not.  From the internet’s reaction during last night’s episode, it was clear not everyone was ready for the death, the gore and the continuous “teaser” on who died.  Let’s take a look at some internet highlights!  WARNING: Major Spoilers Below.

The 15 Minute Long Build Up

15 minutes into The Walking Dead Season 7 finale and the question we ALL wanted to know still hadn’t been answered.  Who died AMC, WHOOO? You made us wait for 6 months and still continue to tease us throughout the show.  Not cool.

The Death Is Revealed

We should all feel better, right?  We know who dies on The Walking Dead Season 7, we can finally rest.  NOT.

Not all of us fans out there took it well.  But still, it’s revealed.  We can grieve and move on.  But then Daryl went and opened his big mouth.  Before we even got over the first death, they went and killed ANOTHER character.

We would never, ever point fingers though…

We had enough, Walking Dead!  Do you hear us? WE HAD ENOUGH! Someone please help them.  That’s when everyone starting asking, where is Carol?!

Just when we thought we couldn’t handle anymore, Neagan grabs Carl.  NO he doesn’t introduce Carl to Lucille (his spiked bat), instead he tells Rick he has to chop off Carl’s arm.

Rick breaks.  Carl’s arm is saved.  We all sit in shock.

The Aftermath

Fans all over were grieving, feeling anxiety or just plain grossed out over the grumesome deaths of two beloved characters.

How does this set the mood for the rest of the season for you?  No matter what journey The Walking Dead takes us on one thing is for sure, this The Walking Dead Emoji is epic.

Jess Benoit

Monday 24th of October 2016

They weren't kidding when they said we would experience every emotion during this episode. I even read the graphic novels & was so sure they weren't going to do Glenn like that because everyone knew it was supposed to happen. Then they go off and do it JUST like the books. :( I bawled, couldn't sleep, and can't function today to get anything done. You'd think this was a real person that we all knew!

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