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Interview with Nick Cordileone AKA Timon from Disney’s The Lion King

Interview with Nick Cordileone AKA Timon from Disney's The Lion King

Disney’s The Lion King musical is coming to St. Louis April 19th to May 7th!  Gracing the stage at The Fabulous Fox Theatre, the show has audiences in awe and fans are flocking to attend!

Giraffes strut.  Birds swoop.  Gazelles leap.  The entire Serengeti comes to life as never before.  And as the music soars, Pride Rock slowly emerges from the mist. This is Disney’s THE LION KING, making its triumphant return to the Fabulous Fox.

More than 85 million people around the world have experienced the awe-inspiring visual artistry, the unforgettable music, and the uniquely theatrical storytelling of this Broadway spectacular – one of the most breathtaking and beloved productions ever to grace the stage. Winner of six Tony Awards®, including Best Musical, THE LION KING brings together one of the most imaginative creative teams on Broadway.  Tony Award-winning director Julie Taymor brings to life a story filled with hope and adventure set against an amazing backdrop of stunning visuals.  THE LION KING also features the extraordinary work of Tony Award-winning choreographer Garth Fagan and some of Broadway’s most recognizable music, crafted by Tony Award-winning artists Elton John and Tim Rice.

There is simply nothing else like THE LION KING.

Interview with Nick Cordileone AKA Timon from Disney's The Lion King

Nick Cordileone plays Timon, a feisty meerkat who is bestie with Simba and Pumbaa in the national tour of The Lion King. Nick, a San Diego native, has mastered his role as Timon for 7 years now.  I had the opportunity to chat with him about The Lion King, his daughter who travels with him and much more!

On Nick Becoming Involved In The Lion King

I’ve been acting for quite awhile.  Prior to The Lion King I was in classic theater, acting in regional and off broadway.  Between gigs, I would work as a reader and was asked to help with The Lion King auditions.  While working as a reader, the casting director asked if I would be interested in being considered for a part?.  The next couple of months, I was able to read all these parts and play with some of the puppets, all with the idea I may be considered for a part one day.  On the last day, I read with someone and they turned to me and said “OK, its your turn.”  So, I got to read with the casting director and then they told me, “Your life is going to change, you are going on tour.”  It’s funny, some of the best things in your career are the ones you werent expecting.

On Working With Puppets

My puppet is 3 1/2 feet. I’m wearing a harness like maybe a drummer in a marching band might wear.  My feet are connected and I have to operate the arms and mouth.  So, its like a plate spinning when you are trying to stay in charater and dance and work the puppet!

Bloopers On Stage

We have so much flexiblity in the show. There are times when we are singing “Hakuna (Matata)” and the younger Simba drops off while the older Simba swings on and we turn to see him.  There was a time young Simba walks off and we hear “means no worries…”, we turn and nobody there.  We hear this disembodied voice and realize our Simba hasnt made it to the stage.  He started singing from the wings but we see him in rags and not in costume yet!


Interview with Nick Cordileone AKA Timon from Disney's The Lion King

On Being A Disney Fan

Ive been a comic book fan and an animation fan my whole life.  Disney is the best at what they do, they find and cultivate great stories.  Disney has been on my radar for as long as I have been alive.  When you are involved in a company, you do start to take proud in and have an ownship in it.  So when you see a new movie coming out, Im always there with my daughter.  I’ve shown her all the Disney movies and animation, in general.  I am triyng to get her as addicted to comic books as I am.

On Traveling With His Daughter

She has been touring with me for 5 1/2-6 years now.  My wife works in New York and she is able to craft her schedule so she can come out and join us often.  My daughter just went home for a few weeks to be a part of this youth ensemble.  Being on stage isnt a huge passion for her but she likes playing around with her friends and fellow artists.  Seems like a very healthy attitude to have!

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