Reward Volunteers: Rewards And Creates Volunteer Superheros

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Reward Volunteers: Rewards And Creates Volunteer Superheros

Reward Volunteers rewards volunteer work and aids us in making small changes close to home in order to have a big impact on making the world a better place.

There is nothing more fulfilling than giving back to your community and fellow man than by volunteering.  I am a coach to my daughters soccer team, I am a “Cookie Mom” to my daughters Girl Scout Troop, I’ve been a Room Parent to both my son and daughters school classroom and I’ve even traveled the world to volunteer in third world countries.  Last year, I traveled to the Dominican Republic where I taught English in poverty stricken communities and helped out at the local paper recycle plant.  It was one of the most fulfilling trips I have ever been a part of and that is saying alot considering I am a travel blogger!

Reward Volunteers: Rewards And Creates Volunteer Superheros

While volunteering in these third world countries have been a life changing experience, the work I’ve done in my own community have been just as rewarding.  The hugs I receive from the girls on the soccer team fills my heart and the smiles on the Girl Scouts faces makes all the work and stress of cookie sales worth it!  One doesn’t need to travel far to make an impact when there’s so many opportunities to volunteer close to home.  And now with Reward Volunteers, you can not only find opportunities to volunteer close to home but you can inspire others too!

Reward Volunteers: Rewards And Creates Volunteer Superheros

About Reward Volunteers

Rewards Volunteers is a volunteer management system site where you record your volunteer hours and by doing so, you can earn cash and prizes for your organization!  How amazing is that?!  And for those wanting to find ways to give back, Reward Volunteers also provides information on volunteering opportunities in your area!  My favorite part of the site is the option to post your volunteering activity on Facebook and inspire others to take part in helping out their community!  Because when one person inspires a few to make a difference, the ripple effect which occurs over time can actually impact thousands over generations.  And this my friends, is how one small change close to home makes a huge impact to better this world of ours!

So, what are you waiting for?  Join Reward Volunteers and become a Volunteer Superhero!

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