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A Day of #Yessie: Saying Yes To The New Capri Sun

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A Day of #Yessie: Saying Yes To The New Capri Sun

Saying YES to the New Capri Sun makes it easier to say YES in other parts of our lives.

I admit, I say “no” way too often.  In fact, my kids first words other than the classic “Ma-Ma” & “Da-Da” was the word “no”.  Looking back over the years, I recall telling my kids “no” way more times then I’ve told them “yes”.  One big and constant “no” in our household is usually with their food and drink choices.  My kids love them some fun, fruity drinks and request them often but I usually shoot them down fast with a “No.  Have some water”.  But now Capri Sun has given me a reason to say “yes” to their choice of drink!

A Day of #Yessie: Saying Yes To The New Capri Sun

While shopping at Walmart, my kids quickly spotted the Capri Sun and asked if I would buy it for them.  Before the word “no” popped from my mouth, I spotted the carton which read “No Artificial Sweeteners, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives”.  I smiled at them, nodding my head “yes”.  Surprised, their eyes almost popped out of their sockets and they literally jumped up and down right there in the aisle!

Their excitement got me thinking, do I really say “no” that often?  I always thought of myself as a “cool” mom and pretty open-minded when they ask for things.  I know they must think I’m pretty cool, I’ve even overhead them “bragging” to their friends about how their mom is a blogger and walks the red carpet for Hollywood blockbuster movies!

They also receive many blogger kid perks, I receive toys and games to review on my blog regularly and those toys are always passed on to them.  Maybe it’s the fact that these things are usually given to them, not something they specifically requested.  Seeing how happy they were when I said yes to their drink of choice gave me a mission to say “yes” in other parts of their lives.  In fact, I am going to take an entire day and make it all about them.  A #Yessie day!  Because I’m a blogger and giving my kids a full day of doing whatever they want totally deserves a hashtag: #Yessie!

A Day of #Yessie: Saying Yes To The New Capri Sun

I was recently invited to New York City for a red carpet movie premiere and I was able to bring a guest!  I brought my daughter and figured this was the perfect opportunity to give her a #Yessie day!  Let me tell you, she was just as excited (if not more excited) to have a special “Yes Day” than she was to attend the red carpet!  When we arrived in New York, the first thing she wanted to do was have a real New York City style hot dog.  #Yessie!  So, I spoke to the hotel concierge and we went to a famous little place known for their hot dogs!

A Day of #Yessie: Saying Yes To The New Capri Sun

Next on my daughters #Yessie agenda was a visit to Central Park!  When she asked to ride the carousel I responded with, “YES! Never pass up a chance to ride a carousel, no matter how old you are!”  So, we both hopped on our horses and enjoyed the ride!

And when she asked to see the famous ball, which drops on New Years Eve, we quickly hopped into a car and headed to Time Square!  I have to admit, while this day was all about making my daughter happy by saying “yes” to her requests; that happiness sure rubbed off on me!  I can’t remember the last time I had such an amazing day.  Maybe it was the smile that never left her face, which made it so great!  Maybe it was because I got some much-needed Mother/Daughter time.  Whatever the reason, I’m going to make it a mission to say “yes” more often.

Now it’s my sons turn for a YES day!  Will you be having one?  Make sure to share it with a #Yessie!

A Day of #Yessie: Saying Yes To The New Capri Sun

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