Give A Gift To Spark The Imagination This Holiday Season: Intel At Walmart

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Give A Gift To Spark The Imagination This Holiday Season: Intel At Walmart

This holiday seasons I am giving the gift to spark the imagination by giving my daughter an Itel® from Walmart.

I love, love, love the holidays.  I love waking up before the kids on Christmas morning, making my cup of coffee as I wait for everyone to rise and rush out to see what awaits them under the tree.  I don’t really enjoy receiving presents myself; I enjoy sitting back and watching my kids eyes light up with each gift they unwrap.  I put alot of thought into each gift I purchase for the holidays.  Of course I take into account my kids “wishlists” but I also think about practicality and how much each gift will actually be used.  I learned this quickly after giving my children toys in the past, which sat in the corner and collected dust.  As my children have gotten older, gift ideas have gotten more difficult.  Their interests have changed drastically this past year and truthfully they have everything their preteen hearts desire.  The only thing my daughter keeps asking for is a new computer, my reply is usually something to effect of “Santa has a budget and a new computer may not be within the budget!”  However, this year Walmart is making Santa’s budget extremely affordable with their Intel® products!


The Dell Inspiron 11 2-in-1 Intel® Celeron® laptop is the perfect computer to fit all her needs.  My daughter is always on the go and this laptop’s design is perfect with its lightweight body, compact size and long battery life!  It has a 360 hinge which can offer her many different modes; a tablet mode when she is on-the-go, an upright stand mode for gaming, and a laptop mode for watching videos and school work.  More details on the Dell Inspiron 11 2-in-1 Intel® Celeron® laptop:

The touch screen display and Windows 10 make switching between modes quick and easy. A powerful Intel® processor means you’ll have incredible performance for all your everyday activities. And it’s built for convenient storage with available onboard storage up to 500GB and cloud storage options, so you can keep your files without sacrificing speed or performance.

Give A Gift To Spark The Imagination This Holiday Season: Intel At Walmart

Christmas is only 40 days away and while many are stressing because there is so much to do to prepare for the holidays; Christmas can NOT come faster for me!  My daughter has no idea that she will be receiving the one and only gift she is truly hoping for this year, she is convinced Santa does not have the budget for it.  I’m sure Christmas morning, as she unwraps her new Dell Inspiron 11 2-in-1 Intel® Celeron® laptop, there will be many happy tears and shrieks of joy.

These past few years I am very aware of just how quickly time flies by.  There will only be so many more Christmas mornings where I have the kids at home and even less where they still have that Christmas “excitement”.  So, making my childrens Christmas wishlists come true is everything to me and these affordable computers make it possible to do so!

Intel at Walmart

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intel at walmart


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