Girls Fear Failure: How To Crush Those Fears & Lift Our Girls Up

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Girls Fear Failure: How To Crush Those Fears & Lift Our Girls Up

Meredith Walker, Dr. Knatokie Ford, Amanda Hill and Christina Diaz visit Build Series NYC on November 14, 2017.

The statistics are out: “Girls Fear Failure”.  In fact by the time of puberty, 50% of girls feel paralyzed by failure.  We as parents need to change this, The Fueled by Failure Summit set out to aid in this change!

I remember the moment, many years ago, I found out I was having a girl.  My husband was sitting next to me in the doctors office and was very vocal of his wish to have another boy.  He was going on about how our son would love to have a little brother and we could call them the “Taylor Boys.”  When the doctor told us it was a girl, I could see a bit of disappointment in my husbands face but I was secretly overjoyed.  I began to daydream of giving her pigtails with big bows, of mother/daughter outings to the nail salon and most importantly, raising her to be a strong intelligent woman.

When it comes to raising my kids, I have always tried to lead by example.  They saw their mom, a Scientist, in a career that had been considered a “male oriented” field for a long time.  Yet, they saw their mom in this Science career and excelling at it.  I would often point out the difficulties and struggles I’ve had to overcome on my journey in becoming a Scientist.  I knew I was doing something right when my daughter, at a very young age, wondered why we’ve never had a female President and that she wanted to change that!   A year ago, I switched careers from a Scientist to a full time blogger.  I was very honest with them on the decision and told them that sometimes in life you have to take chances in order to achieve greatness and most importantly, happiness.

Girls Fear Failure: How To Crush Those Fears & Lift Our Girls Up

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As much as I encourange my children not to let their fears hold them back and as much as I try to lead by example, I know there are still times their fear takes over.  I see it more and more the older they get.  This is why I was so interested to listen to the Fueled by Failure Summit hosted by Always and Amy Poehler‘s Smart Girls.  The panel was moderated by Laura Brounstein, Director of Editorial and Business Development Cosmo + Seventeen. Panelists included successful women like Amanda Hill, Brand Director, North America Feminine Care at Procter & Gamble, Meredith Walker, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, Dr. Knatokie Ford, Founder and CEO, Fly Sci Enterprise and Christina Diaz Mars2020 Instrument Engineer via NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.  Take a look at the video of these women below, it is extremely empowering!

Five Favorite Takeaway Quotes From Fear Of Failure Summit

“We only truly fail when we don’t even try.”

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” 

“The fear of attempting can often be worse than the fear of failure.”

“Get out of the habit of comparing yourself to other people.” 

“You change the world by being yourself.”

While the entire summit was powerful, the quotes above really resonated with me.  I was reminded that having these discussions with my daughter is important and needs to be a continual conversation, especially at these vulnerable years.  I need to do more than be an example but to empower HER to be an example for others.  Like I have told her before, she will achieve great things if only she tries.

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