Hot Toys This Holiday Season: Make Sure Batteries ARE Included!

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Hot Toys This Holiday Season: Make Sure Batteries ARE Included!

The big question every year during the holiday season is: What’s the hot toys this year?  Whatever they may be, Energizer batteries should always make your gift list!

Picture it.  Christmas morning, surrounded by torn up wrapping paper and excited kids eager to play with their new gifts from Santa.  As they rip open their toy box, they see the line batteries not included and ask “Mom, do we have batteries?”  Then the panic sets in as you realize the stores are closed and you are pretty sure you used the last battery in the house weeks ago.  Your mind begins to race as you try to find a way to break the bad news to your child who is filled with Christmas glee.  Please no tears, please no tears.

This scenario happened, it happened to me once and once was enough to never let it happen again.  I, errr Santa, now leaves each and every family member batteries in their stocking on Christmas morning!

Hot Toys This Holiday Season: Make Sure Batteries ARE Included!

Where does Santa stock up on all those batteries?  Walmart, of course! Right now you can get a $5 Walmart eGift Card with a $15 purchase of Energizer batteries. Plus, after submitting your receipt showing a $15 purchase, you’re automatically entered to win the value of your receipt (up to $500) and each week a new winner is picked!  That’s not all, from December 4th to December 16th you can go in-store to Walmart to purchase Energizer batteries and earn Kicks on their Shopkick app.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Walmart and stock up on the long-lasting Energizer Max batteries!

Energizer MAX batteries are long-lasting and are designed to protect against damaging leaks for up to two years after fully used. Plus, you can buy Energizer batteries in large quantities since they hold their power for up to 10 years while in storage. With Energizer, you will gain the confidence knowing that the AA and AAA sizes are now their #1 longest-lasting MAX™ batteries.

Hot Toys This Holiday Season: Make Sure Batteries ARE Included!

It’s a good thing Walmart has the Energizer battery deal going on because it looks like we are going to need it!  You see my kids are just like me, they love to keep up with all the new hot items that hit the shelves.  So you can imagine their wish list is filled with some of the hottest toys this holiday season!  From the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox to the Frozen Singing Sisters, my kids have researched each and every toy and they sure know what they want.  However as you can see, these toys require batteries and lots of them!  Good thing “Santa” found out about the deal at Walmart and stocked up!

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