Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas: The Year Of Giving Back

Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas: The Year Of Giving Back

Random acts of kindness seem to be growing more in popularity these days, they even have a National Random Act of Kindness Day on Feburary 17th! Check out these random acts of kindness ideas.

I have declared 2018 the year of kindness!  Well in all honesty, every year should be filled with kindness.  I try to be aware of those around me and when the opportunity arises, I make it a point to act out of kindness whenever it presents itself.  I’m not sure if it was the holiday cheer last month or really just luck, but it seemed like I was surrounded by kindness and kind acts!

Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas: The Year Of Giving Back

It was first in my LuLaRoe Facebook group, I had a customer join and post ASKING to buy a pair of leggings to donate to Cardinal Glennon Childrens Cancer Center (Costas Center).  Why had I not thought of this myself, I have no idea.  I did however do one better and not only agree to her wish but posted every pair bought to donate to Cardinal Glennon, I would match it with 2 pairs donated!

Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas: The Year Of Giving Back

I am happy to report that my little group came together and donated 40 pairs of leggings to the kids battling cancer at Cardinal Glennon!  Although I would have loved to deliver the leggings to the kids myself, which is against policy, it still felt amazing to have my kids join me in preparing each with a bow and delivering them to the Cardinal Glennon office.

Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas: The Year Of Giving Back

I would never want to do something kind JUST to have it come back to me but I do believe in a thing called “karma” and I believe it happened to me.  Not long after we dropped off the donated leggings, the kids and I were sitting in the drive-thru at Starbucks RIGHT after a snow storm.  I do NOT like the cold and because of this, I do as little as possible to remove the snow from my car.  This morning I removed just enough snow to see through my side windows and front windshield, I have a back up camera so I didn’t feel it was necessary to remove the snow from my back windshield.

The drive-thru was particularly busy that morning and as we waited, a man in the car behind us got out of his car with his ice scrapper, came to my window and motioned that he was about to remove the snow.  Sure!  Wow!  He really went at it too, I noticed in addition to the scraper he also used his arm to remove it remove the snow as well.  How kind is that?  I was shocked, I wanted to do something kind in return and so when I reached the Starbucks window, I paid for his order.

It felt amazing, not because he removed the snow for me or because I paid for his order, but because kindness was happening.  You hear the stories but this was a time I witnessed true kindness for the sake of being kind and it warmed my heart.  It warmed my heart so much, I declared 2018 the year of kindness!  And what exactly am I going to do in the year of kindness?  Each week I am going to make it a point to go out of my way and do something kind, a random act of kindness just because…  Here is a list I have come up with, I would love some more ideas!

Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas

  1. Leave money, or put change in a vending machine for the next person to visit it.
  2. Leave your mailman a gift.
  3. Hold the door open for someone.
  4. Let someone go ahead of you in a line.
  5. Pay for a person behind you in a drive-thru line.
  6. Buy a movie ticket for the person behind you.
  7. Pay for a strangers meal at a resturant.
  8. Donate your old clothing.
  9. Donate your kids old toys.
  10. Shovel a neighbors driveway.
  11. Cut a neighbors grass.
  12. Buy candy for a child in line behind you.
  13. Give out bottles of water on a hot day.
  14. Bring donuts to co-workers.
  15. Give your bank teller a card or gift.
  16. Give someone a gift card.
  17. Buy extra ride tickets and give them to a kid at a fair.
  18. Wash someones car.
  19. Save/Collect Box Tops and donate them to a random school.
  20. Pay for someones dry cleaning.
  21. Send a care package to a soldier overseas.
  22. Rake a neighbors leaves.
  23. Participate in Pack-A Back Pack program.
  24. Donate toys/clothing to a local hospital.
  25. Give Blood.
  26. Give up your seats on a bus or shuttle.
  27. Donate old books to a shelter.
  28. Pay for another students lunch.
  29. Pick up trash on side of the road.
  30. Tutor a struggling student.
  31. Plant a tree.
  32. Leave notes of encouragement around town.
  33. Donate food to a food pantry.
  34. Bring flowers to your childs teacher.
  35. Tape change to a parking meter.
  36. Feed a parking meter.
  37. Help an animal find a home.
  38. Give a lottery ticket to a stranger.
  39. Say “Hello” with a smile to everyone you see.
  40. Bring treats to a local Fire Station.
  41. Bring treats to a local Police Station.
  42. Thank a serviceman.
  43. Leave kindness stones around town.
  44. bring extra school supplies to a teacher.
  45. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  46. Ask for donations instead of a birthday gift.
  47. Collect books for the library.
  48. Help someone unload groceries at the store.
  49. Return someones grocery cart for them.
  50. Make a bird feeder and hang out in your yard.
  51. Leave change at a wishing well.
  52. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

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  • Wonderful ideas!!!
    I have completed many listed but am anxious to do more!
    Sometimes just saying a prayer for someone is the best thing to do for them!

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