Expanding our Services with Samsung Smart Things and ADT

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Expanding our Services with Samsung Smart Things and ADT

ADT Home Security Expansion Pack from Samsung Smartthings is a great addition to your home provided you are already in possesion of the ADT Home Security Starter Kit, or at the very least the ADT Security Hub. Among the myriad of expandable and accessory options there are for the ADT Security Hub including smart outlets, doorbells, and lightbulbs, perhaps none are more essential than ones that offer additional safety and security. The Home Security Expansion Pack offers 3 devices that will provide further peace of mind in the way of defense from unforseen and possibly severely damaging disasters that could threaten your greatest investment.

Expanding our Services with Samsung Smart Things and ADT

Starting with the ADT Smoke Alarm, a no brainer when choosing an expansion for your smart home, it installs easily and works just like any other smoke detector, but being smart it allows you to be alerted via the Samsung Smart Home app when you are away. A quick setup scan of the QR code and pairing with your Smart Hub and you are ready to go. It even detects changes in temperature offering a one-up over traditional smoke alarms. Next up is the ADT Carbon Monixide Alarm. Increasingly popular in recent years, carbon monoxide detectors were once a rare find in many homes, but a few highly publicized incidents have seen these helpful devices proliferate at an astounding rate to where it is now almost unheard of to be without one. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, colorless and odorless, unless you have a detector you won’t know you have a leak until it is too late. Equally easy to install either low down on a wall near the furnance or higher up near the ceiling is your choice, scan and pair your smart detector and you’re covered at home or on the go! The last of the three items in the ADT Home Safety Expansion Pack is the ADT Water Leak Detector. These devices are still a rare find in the American home, but nevertheless are a crucial part of maintaining the saftey of your home from water leaks that coluld potentially flood and significantly damage not only your home but the many possessions that may be around said leak. Scan and pair to your smart hub and simply set the detector on the floor near overflow, or under a sink and you’ll be immediately alerted if and when there is a leak. The device has contact sensors on the top and bottom and is capable of detecting leaks from above or below!

Expanding our Services with Samsung Smart Things and ADT

Of course once all of these devices are connected through your ADT Smart Hub, you have the option of utilizing ADT’s unparalled professional monitoring service that can monitor your home when you are away and alert the proper authorities as fast as possible. Whether or not you choose to use the service, the ADT Smart Home Security System is a modern revolution in home security. Never before could you be out and about around town and recieve an alert of say a water leak in your home, and be able to turn off nearby outlets and lights, or get an alert of extremely low temperatures in your house and be able to turn up the heat to acceptable levels…provided you have also installed a smart themostat and smart outlets of course.

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