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ABC’s Alex, Inc. Airs Tonight: Q & A with The Cast

I attended the #WrinkleInTimeEvent on behalf of Disney and ABC in Los Angeles 2/24-2/27.  This post is part of the required content series, all opinions and experiences are my own.

ABC's Alex, Inc. Airs Tonight: Q & A with The Cast

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The series premiere of the new ABC comedy Alex, Inc. airs tonight at 8:30PM EST.  A new Zach Braff comedy about a podcast start up you have to check out.

I know exactly what it is like to switch your career path to pursue your “dream”, I took this huge leap almost two years ago when i left my career in the Science field to pursue blogging full-time.  The new family-friendly comedy Alex, Inc. touches on the exact subject.  I had the opportunity to sit down for a Q&A with talent from the show including: Zach Braff, Tiya Sircar and Executive Producer Matt Tarses.  Check out some of the highlights!

Based on the podcast StartUp, Alex Schuman (Zach Braff, “Scrubs”) is a brilliant radio journalist, husband and father of two who is about to do something crazy – quit his job and start his own company. He quickly discovers it’s going to be a lot harder than he thought. Zach Braff stars, directs and is executive producer with Matt Tarses (“Scrubs”) and Davis Entertainment (“Dr. Ken,” “Blacklist”).

Matt Tarses is writer and executive producer. Zach Braff is director and executive producer. John Davis and John Fox are executive producers of the series, from Davis Entertainment, as are Alex Blumberg, Chris Gilberti and Matt Lieber (Gimlet Media) in association with Sony Pictures Television and ABC Studios.

ABC's Alex, Inc. Airs Tonight: Q & A with The Cast

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On Creating The Show

Zach: I met with the Producer John Davis and he said you gotta hear this podcast. He said it’s the best podcast he has heard in a long time, everyone’s talking about it. We want to turn it into a family comedy.  On my drive home from the meeting, I listened to like two episodes and then went into my kept listening.  The podcast is called Startup, and I just found it fascinating. And I thought it would be a great TV show.  I said to them I’m in if you can get my friend, Matt Tarses, who was one of my favorite writers on Scrubs, to write it.

Matt: He won’t say this, but he’s, you know, not as young as he was when he played that J.D. character on Scrubs.  And the idea that this was a story about a guy with a family doing this thing that was sort of hard to do even if he didn’t have a family, it’s that much harder with a family plus, you have that much support on the other side of it. It was something that appealed to him.  Yeah, so it all sort of emerged organically.

ABC's Alex, Inc. Airs Tonight: Q & A with The Cast

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On The Show Being Multi-Cultural

Matt: This is based on this real podcast and the real couple, it’s about a guy, but his wife is she’s a Persian-American.  We just wanted to preserve that, we looked for all kinds of actresses, but we liked the idea of this.  So, we tried to find the best actor we could find who was different, have this kind of multicultural, multiracial and Tiya was the best one we found.

Tiya: When I got this job I thought, oh, Hollywood.  I can’t play a Persian-American, but these guys were like, well  let’s change her and let’s make her you.  They had me come in and meet the writers and we had this two hour conversation about my upbringing in Texas and my parents’ upbringing in Calcutta and when they came over as grad students and their experience as Indian immigrants.

Zach: That’s why they do we wanted to preserve. And we were open to any woman of color, but this particular woman of color.

Check out the premiere of Alex, Inc. TONIGHT, March 28, 2018, at 8:30/7:30C on ABC. Catch up anytime online or on the ABC app. Also, you can join me on Twitter as I live tweet tonight using the hashtag #AlexInc & #ABCTVEvent

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