GE Black Stainless Finish Kitchen Appliances: The New Trend

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GE Black Stainless Finish Kitchen Appliances: The New Trend

The new trend in kitchen appliances is black stainless steel!  Check out the GE Black Stainless Steel Appliance found at Best Buy.

I recently bought a new home, my home purchase was so recent I closed on it a couple of weeks ago.  While my new home had everything I was looking for, I knew right away I wanted (NEEDED) to redo and update the kitchen, especially the appliances.  When discussing this with my realtor, she comments on all the rage these days in kitchen appliances is black stainless steel.  I returned home and immediately began googling black stainless steel appliances.  I could see why they are all the rage, not only are they gorgeous to look at, it also has some big perks for a mom like me that include fingerprint resistant.  Read on to discover more of the black stainless steel appliance awesome-ness

Perks Of Black Stainless Steel

Black Stainless was designed for those who want to make a statement. Combining a glossy, bold black hue and the contemporary brushed metal appearance of stainless steel. Black Stainless adds sleekness and originality. It wipes clean in seconds, remaining free from smudges, but full of character.

  • Bold and sophisticated appearance
  • High-gloss finish that makes a statement in any kitchen
  • Fingerprint resistant and easy to maintain and clean

Why GE Black Appliances?

When searching for new kitchen appliances at Best Buy, I read through the reviews and was convinced GE was the brand to go with!  GE is the leader in premium finish options, giving shoppers the ability to design a unique kitchen package suited to personal needs and style.  If you are like myself and needed to search for finishes to match your other appliances (like my refrigerator), you have many options with GE:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Black Stainless Steel
  • Slate
  • Black Slate

Learn more about the GE Appliances, including the Black Stainless Steel, at Best Buy in-store on the Best Buy website.

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