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Interview With Evangeline Lilly On The Set Of Antman And The Wasp

I was invited by Disney Studios to visit the set of Antman And The Wasp.  All opinions are my own.

Interview With Evangeline Lilly On The Set Of Antman And The Wasp

While on set set of Marvel’s Antman And The Wasp last year, I along with 12 other elite bloggers sat down with Evangeline Lilly for an exclusive interview!

I met Evangeline Lilly three years ago when I attended the first Ant-Man movie press junket.  We interviewed her and Paul Rudd together and during that interview I was enamored with her.  Evangeline exuded confidence, class and female empowerment.  I remember at the time thinking/hoping she would have a big part in the next Ant-Man installment.  Alas, here we are 3 years later and not only does she have a big part in the movie but The Wasp shares the title of the film: Antman And The Wasp.

Last year I ran into Evangeline once again when I visited the set of Antman And The Wasp.  At the time of my visit, the #MeToo movement was plastered in every news article and everywhere on TV.  Being a strong female actress in Hollywood, when I found out we were going to interview Evangeline while on set, I was extremely curious on her thoughts concerning the movement.  Evangeline came into the interview and it was like she read my mind (all of our minds), first question asked and she got right to it.

Interview With Evangeline Lilly On The Set Of Antman And The Wasp

On A Female Title Role & The #MeToo Movement

I saw the title and said, “Oh, yeah.”, this is kind of special and I think for the first time it sort of hit me, what it meant for just the female population period.  To see a  woman’s name in a title in Hollywood is a very unique experience and I think it’s happening more and more but it’s still a far cry from where it should be.

I don’t know if you guys have been hearing all the news about Harvey Weinstein and that kind of thing. It’s timely for me because I’m here shooting this film and essentially I think at the bottom line this film is about female empowerment and a woman being powerful, yet it made me feel very weak and very vulnerable and very emotional.  It was a really hard thing because I think we’ve all experienced some level of sexual, whether it’s harassment or discrimination or abuse like all the time. We always deal with it and all those little things for me just came tumbling all together and hit me like all at once.

I think eventually the thought that I’m a totally empowered woman and I feel great, it starts to kind of get chipped away and you start to feel the hurts and the wounds of the things you really go through and you essentially brush under the carpet because you have to.  I feel I need to carry on with my work, to carry on being a mother, to carry on building a career and a life and so it’s been such an interesting thing to be the Wasp at a time when I’ve been feeling extremely vulnerable and emotional.  I just hope what is the most powerful about women to the floor in this film which is, Hope being the heart of the film.

I hope that she really drives the narrative of the people you care about and why you care.  You can have the greatest fights in the world but without caring about the people who are fighting the movie’s just gonna fight flat. So I’ve been reminding myself that even though I feel loss, hopefully that’s gonna actually be a powerful thing for the film.

Interview With Evangeline Lilly On The Set Of Antman And The Wasp

On The Message Antman And The Wasp Sends to Girls/Women

What I hope for girls and women to take away from the film is a lesson that I have been trying to learn for the last 20 years which is, we can’t do it all.  Everyone tells us we can and it’s a very unfair expectation to put on us, I think we all feel like we’re failing at everything because we’re trying to do it all.

I’ve got two kids at home, I run an NGO, I am a writer, I’m an actor, I’m trying to produce.  All these things and I think god, it just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel balanced. Why am I not spending more time with my kids? Why don’t I have time to do this? Why did my kid miss homework three nights this week? Like what’s going on? You start questioning and if you sit back and really think about it it’s because it’s ridiculous what we’re trying to do. I clean my house, I cook, I do all the things and it’s like somewhere something’s gotta give and really that’s the journey that Hope goes in is she finally realizes she’s met a foe that is bigger than her and stronger than her and she will not win unless she leans on Scott. I think in this day and age men more than ever want women to lean on them because they feel like they’ve lost their place.

I think men feel lost a lot and I think that comes down to us ignoring all the noise and the lessons we’ve been taught that we can do it all, we can do everything and saying I can’t actually. I need help and I need a partner. I need someone, in my case it’s my spouse or my partner. But even if it’s your sister or your mother or your father or a friend, we reach out and we ask for help when we need it and that’s ultimately what Hope needs to learn in this film.

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