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Interview With Peyton Reed On The Set Of Antman And The Wasp

I was invited by Disney Studios to visit the set of Antman And The Wasp.  All opinions are my own.

Interview With Peyton Reed On The Set Of Antman And The Wasp

While on set set of Marvel’s Antman And The Wasp last year, I along with 12 other elite bloggers sat down with Peyton Reed for an exclusive interview!

Last year when I visited the set of Antman And The Wasp in Atlanta, I had the chance to sit down with Director Peyton Reed to discuss the new film.  Peyton also directed the original Ant-Man, which was released three years earlier and a huge success.  His passion for the films are apparent and I was enthralled in the conversation as he discussed the new Antman And The Wasp details.  Check out the highlights from the interview!

Interview With Peyton Reed On The Set Of Antman And The Wasp

Reed On Antman And The Wasp Direction

We went into this with the idea that we wanted it to be both bigger and get out in the world more, but also be even more intimate and delve into family stuff even more.  To me that’s one of the big strength of Ant Man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I always liked that Scott Lang is just a normal guy who’s made bad decisions in his life, and he keeps trying to make the right decision.  And he keeps having these setbacks.

He is not someone who naturally has super powers.  That’s all about the suit!  At the end of the last movie, Hope Van Dyne was very much a character in the first movie, but she hadn’t become a hero in a suit yet.  That obviously was the most exciting thing in the beginning of this.  W get to finally see Wasp in action, and also see them as a partnership.

On Where The Film Picks Up At

In Captain America Civil War, Scott Lang is in that movie a little bit but it’s a very important little bit.  He went off and was Giant Man, and, and got involved in this in-fighting with the Avengers.  My first thought was, Hank Pym would not have liked that very much.  This is Scott transgressing the law that Hank Pym has laid down.  This technology is dangerous.  Ant Man and Wasp are the protectors of this Pym technology, and then he’s gone off and exposed it to Tony Stark who is his worst nightmare.  I liked the idea that that could give us a really clear jumping off point in terms of what that did to Scott and Hank’s relationship, and also Scott and Hope’s relationship.  Because the movie’s absolutely about Hope and Scott being heroes in very different ways.

And then also the notion of, will they or won’t they be successful as a duo.  Which is a kind of different thing in the MCU.  I guess you have Captain America and Falcon as a partnership but this is a very different partnership.  We decided to call the movie Ant Man and Wasp because it’s very much about both of them and it’s very important to represent both of their points of views equally in this movie.

Interview With Peyton Reed On The Set Of Antman And The Wasp

The New Villain: Ghost

In the comics, Ghost started out as an Iron Man villain and was a man.  I very much wanted a female antagonist and it gave us a chance to sort of play with that thematic of parents and their kids. I stop shy of calling her a villain, though she is the villain. An antagonist who you really see the root of what happened to this woman which was a girl, and how it’s transformed the rest of her life and her own dilemma.

She has a very strong point of view and I think the audience is really going to relate to her as well. It’s a very complicated set of dynamics that I’m not at liberty to discuss in detail. But it was important to do something that wasn’t just a sort of arch villain.

Scott’s Dilemma

There’s a scene in the movie where Scott and Cassie have a real heart to heart discussion about what’s going on in their lives and about his struggle.  Part of Scott’s thing is, he’s on house arrest at the beginning of the movie, but part of it is really kind of a work life balance issue.  You know?  Because all these other people are full time heroes and Scott never really was looking for that.  His goal was really just  wanting to do this so I can be a part of his daughter’s life.

But then what happens in Civil War kind of puts him back in a tough position again.  That’s his big dilemma is just wanting to be there as a dad. Cassie has a slightly different point of view on things, once she kind of starts to become aware of what’s going on with her dad.  I think, all I can say about that.

While Reed would not give too many details, even after we reminded him we signed an NDA, he did leave one open ended question.  Will Cassie and The Young Avengers be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Maybe we will find out next week as we attend the press junket for Antman And The Wasp.

Follow along tomorrow through Monday using the hashtag #AntmanAndTheWaspEvent for more details!

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