Logitech Harmony Elite At Best Buy

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Logitech Harmony Elite At Best Buy

The Logitech Harmony Elite Remote is found at Best Buy and the perfect gift for the man in your life!

Universal remotes are nothing new, they have ben around for years replacing piles of remotes accumulating prime real estate in drawers or overflowing off of table tops. Along with the universal remote came some universal problems. Programming them to all your individual devices was frustraing and difficult for many owners, and cross compatibility with different makes and models of VCR’s, televisions, and set-top boxes left much to be desired. One could spend an entire sweat laden and curse filled afternoon attempting to make things simpler. Over time it seems as though folks have chosen by and large to abandon the universal option and return to the multiple remote solution for the peace of mind of knowing they will work each and everytime. But times have changed! The advent of modern electronics and Smart “this” and Smart “that” have revolutionized the contemporary home. Almost anything and everything from the obvious T.V.’s and Blu-Ray players to the not so obvious Hue lights, thermostats and door locks can be automated creating an honest to goodness House of Tomorrow! More devices supporting automation means more devices need to be controlled. Sure they have Apps you can download to your smartphone to control these devices, but the same old issues arise with compatbility, and of course you can’t use your phone for it’s plethora of other purposes whilst trying to adjust your home temp or change a channel.

Logitech Harmony Elite At Best Buy

Thankfully, Logitech has come to the rescue with their Harmony Elite universal remote. Controlling your smart home just got easier with this elegantly designed and stylish remote that can be programmed to control up to 15 devices in your home via WiFi, Bluetooth, or IR signals. Set up is a breeze. Simply plug in the Harmony Hub and remote charging base, and download the Harmony app to your mobile smartphone. Using the easy on screen instructions you connect your Harmony Hub to your existing WiFi and it will automatically scan for devices already connected to the network. Any devices not found can be added manually by entering the make and model of each device. The Harmony Hub even allows for closed cabinet control of devices even when they are closed up say inside of an etertainment center. And you needn’t worry about device compatability with the Harmony Elite either, Logitech touts the remote at being able to work with over an insane 270,000 devices!

Logitech Harmony Elite At Best Buy

The Harmony Elite is gorgeously presented with sleek curves and a nonslip grip and the weighty feel smacks of quality. It features a full color touch screen in additon to the more conventional buttons. The screen allows you to easily access all the features you set up via the Harmony App. You can select devices invidually or bundle several together and assign it a group name, then one tap on the touch screen allows you to control all of those devices at once. For example, pair your television with your set top box to operate both simultaneously. You can also select up to 50 favorite channels for a quick visual list you can scroll through much faster than going through the guide. You can create activities such as Watch TV, or Listen to Music, for easy one touch access to your favorite devices. Want to control your smart thermometer or lights based on a schedule? Maybe you want the temperature lower at night, maybe you want your lights on a 6 hour schedule…no problem, the Harmony Elite has you covered. Maybe you don’t even want to bother getting up to get your Harmony Elite remote from the charging bay, no sweat. The Harmony Elite is fully compatabile with Amazon’s Alexa, for a hands free voice control experience that’s perfect for people with limited mobilty. Of course any mobile device such as your personal smart phone or tablet can be subsequently used as remotes as well. The remote also comes with 2 mini IR blasters that can┬ábe positioned for maximum range capacity of your signal throughout the whole house.

It may be a bit pricey for some folks out there, but if you’ve already invested in several of the above mentioned smart devices and have plans to expand your collection, it would be a wise and appropriate decision to think about purchasing an easy solution to controlling your smart home, and there is none better on the market today than the Logitech Harmony Elite.

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