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Antman And The Wasp Director Peyton Reed Discusses The MCU

I attended the #AntmanAndTheWaspEvent on behalf of Disney and ABC in Los Angeles 6/23-6/25.  This post is part of the required content series, all opinions and experiences are my own.

Antman And The Wasp Director Peyton Reed Discusses The MCU

Antman And The Wasp Director Peyton Reed discusses the future of the MCU. Cassie lang and much more.  Check out it out!

Poor Peyton Reed did not know what he was walking into when he sat down with us bloggers and all we were thinking about was that Antman And The Wasp mid-credit scene!  Seriously, it will be THE subject on everyones minds after they see Antman And The Wasp.  We then asked Peyton the question everyone wants to ask him, “WHY YOU DO ME THIS, PEYTON?!?!”  He gets it, he expects it and his response is simple, “It was a great movie and then… Separate them in your mind.”  Easier said then done.  So, was that scene planned from the beginning?  “It was not completely planned in the beginning.  We knew we were gonna have to deal with that thing at some point, in some way.  Actually, we weren’t sure at the beginning.  We knew that our movie was gonna take place, it sort of not only a sequel to Ant Man but also to Civil War because we couldn’t ignore what Scott Lange did in that movie.  But we weren’t always sure how we were gonna fit into the larger timeline with regards to Infinity War.  Somewhere during the process, this idea occurred to us of like Oh, well we could do something like that.

Antman And The Wasp Director Peyton Reed Discusses The MCU

All About The Quantum Realm

I think there was a concentrated effort in the first Ant-Man and in Dr. Strange to kind of start embracing that psychedelic aspect of the Marvel Comics, which is always part of the Marvel Comics since the ’60s, but had not really been explored in the MCU. There are different dimensions and hopefully, they’re all gonna serve different purposes in the future.  With regards to our movie, it was something where we were trying to figure out what we were gonna show and how we were gonna deal with the plots around it. We had to key off what we saw in the first movie, but we wanted to show the audience a little more. It was really fun to design what that could look like, dramatically, how it would work but then it also had to fit into the rest of our movie which is, compared to some of the other Marvel movies, a little more grounded. Ant-Man takes place in our world, not in Outer Space or Asgard or something like that. It had to have a reality to it too so it was a huge challenge to visualize the concept around it but really, really fun.

Antman And The Wasp Director Peyton Reed Discusses The MCU

On Cassie Lang

I think that everybody is aware who Cassie Lang is in the comics and that she does become a hero. We wanted to start laying some groundwork for that possibility. I don’t know what specific plans are but I really like the idea. I like the idea that you have these glimpses where she goes toe to toe with Agent Woo. She covers for her Dad and she’s got that side of Scott that’s a little mischievous but she’s a tough kid. And I really love that intimate scene where she’s talking about [Antman] as a partner and in her mind, it’s her and him having to say of course you could do it but I’d be a terrible father if I allowed you to do it

Antman And The Wasp Director Peyton Reed Discusses The MCU

The Father/Daughter Theme

One of the things that I liked the most in the movie is the evolution of the Scott/Cassie relationship. It helps that Abby is so good. She’s such a focused young Actor and it’s sort of rare. Paul is a huge part of it – they just have a really nice chemistry together and he’s able to relax her. It’s a nice dynamic because really, fathers and daughters is real thematic. It certainly was in the first one and we wanted to progress that in this movie, whether it’s literal fathers and daughters, like Hank and Hope, and Scott and Cassie, or more figurative like Bill Foster and Ava.

Antman And The Wasp Director Peyton Reed Discusses The MCU

Antman And The Wasp Returns….. ?

There are certain things that are predetermined that we’ve all talked about and then there are things that we’ve talked about that could possibly happen or wouldn’t it be cool if? I think one of the fun things about the Marvel Universe is Kevin [Feige] has a larger plan but that plan is extremely fluid. His general philosophy, at least with the Ant-Man movies, has been make them as stand alone as possible and anything you guys decide to do, whoever the Directors are in the next movie, they’re gonna have to deal with the ramifications. There’s a fluidity and it’s the idea of whatever makes for the best character arcs – the most interesting and maybe surprising thing, wins. I know things that I want to do with those characters and stories that I want to tell and how we progress the characters. Obviously, in this movie, it excited me putting Wasp at center stage and really telling that story. This whole movie is really about Does she need him as a partner? Are they gonna be able to work as a partnership? I feel like this movie really answers that question. But then it’s like well what next? And the possibilities are really endless.

Antman And The Wasp Is NOW In Theaters!

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