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Antman And The Wasp Mid-Credit Scene: Marvel Can Keep A Secret

Antman And The Wasp Mid-Credit Scene: Marvel Can Keep A Secret

Antman And The Wasp cast talked about the well kept secret and the Mid-Credit scene.  No worries, this post does not have any spoilers!  Maybe…

The Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise has become synonymous with the shock factor.  Take Avengers: Infinity War for example, who really expected the whole Thanos “snap” to go down like it did?  And if you are one of those super fans who like to proclaim you “called it from the beginning”, you can’t tell me you expected all of those heroes to become dusted like they did!  Marvel Studio’s does a fantasic job with not only taking well known comic book plots and still shocking fans but also keeping those shocking moments guarded in a well secured lock box and pretty much scaring the pants off of talent who may have clues to the future MCU plots.

In fact last week during the Antman And The Wasp press junket, it was mentioned not once but TWICE what would happen if any spoilers were leaked.

Peyton Reed:  I have to be so careful.  Wasp is gonna shoot me in the neck, with a gun absolutely.  I don’t know if it’s a real threat but to me, the whole idea of the Spoilers thing is, you know, there are certain things that you want to keep secret and there’s an exhilaration as an audience to experience something.  It’s so rare now to see a movie that you know nothing about.  It’s kind of a lost art.

Antman And The Wasp Mid-Credit Scene: Marvel Can Keep A Secret

During this same junket, when Michael Douglas was asked a “spoilery” question, his response was much like Peyton’s.

Michael Douglas: If I open my mouth, a blowgun, a marvel blowgun. (He then gestures towards his neck, pretending a dart comes shooting out at him) I have learned my lesson.You have nothing.KGB has nothing on me.

Was this a real threat, Marvel?  For both Peyton AND Michael to have such similar responses, it would seem like Marvel Studio’s has not only mastered the art of shockers but also the art of keeping those on the film silent.  And this silence includes scenes in the film kept hidden from those who have worked ON the film!

Antman And The Wasp Mid-Credit Scene: Marvel Can Keep A Secret

When speaking with Paul Rudd during the Antman And The Wasp interviews and our reaction to the mid-credit scene, Paul talked about screening the film with the cast.

Paul Rudd: It was in a little small kind of screening room with Evangeline, Hannah, Laurence Fishburne and just a couple other people.  Laurence didn’t know it was coming. (The mid-credit scene)  And when it happened, he just went- “OHHHHHHHHH!”.  So many people didn’t and they had that reaction.  And even Evangeline and I who knew it was coming, it was like wow.  This was really cool.

Even Laurence Fishburne, who has a role in the film had no idea about the mid-credit scene in Antman And The Wasp?  Are you kidding me?  It’s that “Marvel dart” threat, I’m telling you!

Antman And The Wasp Mid-Credit Scene: Marvel Can Keep A Secret

Of course when we had the chance to ask Laurence Fishburne ourselves about the “shocking” mid-credit scene, he was not as G-Rated as Paul. “OHHHHHH SH**!!!!!” was his response, following with huge eyes and his hands clasped around his mouth.  Well done Marvel, well done.

I know what’s on your minds now, you ALL want to know what that scene is, AmIRight?  OK here goes, are you ready for it?!  Well you see, first to come on screen during the mid-credits is….










Antman And The Wasp Hits Theaters TOMORROW, July 6th!

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