Legends Of Learning: Fun Ways To Learn Science

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Legends Of Learning: Fun Ways To Learn Science

Legends of Learning can enhance a child’s science education and make learning fun!

I have a Masters degree in Biochemistry. While pursuing my degree I tutored college based science classes, I’ve worked in a scientific research lab for over 15 years, and am currently a science substitute teacher in the public school system.  To say I am a firm believer in the importance of a science education would be an understatement. One of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced in the classroom, whether it be a college based chemistry class or 4th grade basic science class, has been helping students overcome their fear of the word “science”.  Even in my own household, my daughter will gladly announce her least favorite subject is science because “it is so confusing.” Her words, not mine.

This summer, I have vowed to make science a subject my daughter enjoys. There is fun to be had in science and I was going to prove it to her!  She is a techie and at any given moment, when not playing outside with her friends, she can be found in her bedroom on multiple devices. I knew to gain her interest in science, I had to embrace her technology loving side. It just so happened, I was introduced to Legends of Learning.

Legends Of Learning: Fun Ways To Learn Science

What Is Legends Of Learning?

Legends of Learning helps teachers make classrooms fun and productive learning environments through research driven curriculum-based games.  It uses a range of curriculum-based games to engage students in mastering a subject.  Basically, it makes learning a subject FUN! Right now, Legends of Learning focuses on Life Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, and Physical Sciences and consists of over 1000 science games designed for grades 3-8.

Legends Of Learning: Fun Ways To Learn Science

Thoughts On Legends of Learning

As a teacher, I was extremely impressed with the scientific information covered on the site.  Not only did the games have my daughter (and her cousin) really apply their critical thinking skills but they enjoyed learning and being challenged in the process.  And a bonus for my comic book loving family, the “super hero” aspect of the games really appealed to the kids.

And while my focus was on my daughter gaining interest in science, I am excited to include Legends of Learning in the classroom.  Teachers can, in fact, use Legends of Learning to aid in monitoring the performance of their students through each interactive game on the site.

Legends Of Learning: Fun Ways To Learn Science

The Research On Game Based Learning Applications

From Legends Of Learning website: Research shows students who played games as part of their regular curriculum were significantly more engaged, and outperformed their peers on both factual knowledge and depth of knowledge.  Participating teachers reported their students were more engaged, and comprehended lessons faster.

My own experience as a parent who is in the process of developing interest in science in her children, I can say Legends of Learning has swooped in (faster than a speeding bullet) and has grabbed my daughter’s attention.  Has she declared science her favorite subject yet? No, but we have made huge leaps (leaping tall buildings in a single bound) towards a top 3 favorite. And hopefully with the power (more powerful than a locomotive) of this curriculum, she will excel in the subject!

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