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Joker Joaquin Phoenix: Actors Who Played The Joker Ranked

Joker Joanquin Phoenix: Actors Who Played The Joker Ranked

The Joker teaser trailer shows first looks of Joanquin Phoenix in The Joker make-up.

The past weekend the new Joker movie teaser trailer was dropped and it shows the first look of Joanquin Phoenix in the full on Joker make-up.  My first impression of the Mr. Phoenix as the Joker is that he is already scarier looking then Jared Leto and I believe DC is FINALLY going to give Marvel Cinematic Universe a run for its money.  This low budget character study gives a totally different spin on the super hero movie franchise and just might give DC its own little niche in a high budgeted super hero movie universe.  Check out my trailer reaction below:

Mark my words here: I believe Joaquin Phoenix is going to be the favorite breakout actor to every play the Joker.  The few seconds in the trailer as he morphs into the villian literally gave me goosebumps and I have high, high hopes in this film.  Now lets take a look at my rankings of favorite to least favorite Jokers of past.

Joker Joanquin Phoenix: Actors Who Played The Joker Ranked

Jack Nicholson – Gansta Joker

In my mind, Jack Nicholson was the Joker O.G.  Watching him battle up against Michael Keaton in Batman was when I first felt myself rooting (alittle bit) for a villian in a film.  Jack’s coolness on screen gave the Joker a “Gangster” vibe which you just couldn’t hate on.  And that smile.  Yes, the Joker has a permanent grin on the villians face but when I picture the joker grin in my mind, I picture that of the Joker played by Jack Nicholson.

Joker Joanquin Phoenix: Actors Who Played The Joker Ranked

Heath Ledger – Anarchist Joker

I remember when Heath Ledger was first cast as the Joker in The Dark Knight and fans went nuts with the decision.  Yet, the actor gave a a stand out performance and wowed crowds with how well he got into the role, so much so it had many wondering if he got TOO into his dark role.

Joker Joanquin Phoenix: Actors Who Played The Joker Ranked

Jared Leto – Punk Joker

My least favorite Joker by far, this could be the fact that Suicide Squad was also a total bust for me.  I did not like the whole “punk” version given to the Joker in this film and truthfully, I was not impressed with Leto’s performance at all.  Granted, Jared did not get much screen time as the Joker in Suicide Squad, I felt like when he was on screen the scene was stolen by Margot Robbie AKA Harley Quinn.

Joaquin Phoenix – Classic Joker

I have a feeling Joanquin Phoenix is going to give us the most  “real” and classic version of the Joker we have ever seen and I am excited to not only see his performance but also see DC give Marvel a run for its money.

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