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Eighth Grade Out On Bluray October 9th: Creating A Time Capsule

I received a free copy of the Bluray for review purposes.

Eighth Grade Out On Bluray October 9th: Creating A Time Capsule

Just like Kayla did in the movie Eighth Grade, the family and I created a time capsule to cherish the memories we are currently making!

The family and I decided to create a time capsule and let me tell you, it was a little tougher than it sounds.  First, we had to come up with some time capsule ideas to include and the hardest part was agreeing on the ideas!  Since we struggled a little bit with someing up with our time capsule ideas, I thought I would jot them down and include them right here for those in the same predictament!

Time Capsule Ideas

Drawings – Since both my kids are aspiring artists, including some of their current art work was a must in our time capsule.

USB Drive – On our USB drive, we included photos, videos and even songs we are jamming to at the time.  Remember to wrap the USB drive well so moisture does not affect it’s future performance.

Newspaper/Magazines – I know what you are thinking, no one actually has a newspaper delivered to their home anymore!  Well, we went online and printed out some current world and pop culture news to include in our capsule!

Poem/Song – This was my daughters idea because she loves to write and I thought it was great.  if you are no poet, pick out some song lyrics which you really relate this moment in your life.

Letter TO YOU – Write a letter to your future self.  You letter should include thoughts you current have and goals you hope to achieve when you open your capsule.

A Special Treasure – A knick-knack that you may be close to, don’t worry you will get it back when you open your capsule!

Pick A Date – Most importantly, pick a date you plan to open your capsule up as a family and write it down!!  You may want to pick a date that is a “special occassion”, we picked my sons high school graduation.

Eighth Grade Out On Bluray October 9th: Creating A Time Capsule

Eighth Grade Movie Synopsis

Thirteen-year-old Kayla endures the tidal wave of contemporary suburban adolescence as she makes her way through the last week of middle school — the end of her thus far disastrous eighth-grade year.

My Review

Raising a middle schooler is ROUGH and going through those middle school years is even rougher.  I can remember the hormones and confusion and relive those memories through my own 8th grader.  I can not imagine how much more difficult middle achool is this day and age with social media at every teenagers fingertips.  Eighth Grade is a look at the last week of 8th Grade through Kayla’s eyes.  A girl who is shy and unnoticed most of middle school and decides to use the last week to come out of her shell.  Although she is shy and barely speaks to anyone at her own school, she has a YouTube channel in which she gives advice to others her age.  I watched Eighth Grade with my 8th grader and it was definitely a movie we both needed to see.  it opened up many conversations for us to discuss together including peer conflicts and social media appropriateness.  I enjoyed the film alot and will be watching it again with my pre-teen very soon!

Eighth Grade Out On Bluray October 9th: Creating A Time Capsule

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