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Fortnite Drift Costume: Easy DIY Halloween Costume

Fortnite Drift Costume: Easy DIY Halloween Costume

Easy DIY Fortnite Drift skin costume, perfect for a Halloween costume or Fortnite Drift Cosplay!

I’m calling it now, well I called it weeks ago, the BIG Halloween costumes this year are totally going to be Fortnite related.  I am talking all the Fortnite skin costumes and finding this costumes in stores or online has not been easy.  So, I have had to resort to putting together my own Fortnite skin costumes for the family.  Now mind you, I am not crafty what so ever but the first costume I attempted, Drift, was so easy!  Check out the short video below:

I guess you can call it cheating a bit, since I bought the mask and hoodie off of Amazon but I did say it was an EASY costume to put together and I even have links for you below!!

Fortnite Drift Mask:

Red Sleeveless Hoodie:

I was told the current mask I bought is now sold out, so here are some alternatives I found on Amazon:

And if you aren’t set on Drift, I also found the Cuddle Team Leader Pink Bear mask on Amazon!!  Best part it is in stock and available for PRIME shipping!!  Here it is:

Make sure to check back next week, I will have MORE Fortnite Skin Costumes coming because our entire family plans on dressing up as Fortnite skins for Halloween!!  Can you guess which skin I play on dressing up as?

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