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Fortnite Rabbit Raider Costume: Easy DIY Halloween Costume


Fortnite Rabbit Raider Costume: Easy DIY Halloween Costume

Easy DIY Fortnite Rabbit Raider skin costume, perfect for a Halloween costume or Fortnite Rabbit Raider Cosplay!

This year my entire family is dressing up as Fortnite Skins for Halloween.  First up was my son who wanted to be Fortnite Drift and then my daughter who is dressing up as Fortnite Zoey.  In my household, the kids aren’t the ONLY ones that partake in the costume fun, so I decided to go as Fortnite Rabbit Raider because I wanted to wear a cute pink bunny costume!  As you know, I am NOT so crafty so my Rabbit Raider costume is an easy DIY for those NON-crafty people out there!  Check out this short video I put together on how to make an easy DIY Fortnite Rabbit Raider costume.

I purchases some items at Walmart, such as the slippers and supplies for the egg grenades.  The mask and bunny costume were from Amazon.  Like I said in the video, I had to purchase the big booty size bunny costume which they ONLY had in pink with white middle.  I will put links below for the all pink costume as well.  Check it out:

Hockey Mask:

Big Booty Rabbit Onsie:

All Pink Bunny Onsie with Slippers:

Kids Pink Bunny Onsie with Slippers:

And if you aren’t set on Zoey, I also found the Cuddle Team Leader Pink Bear mask on Amazon!!  Best part it is in stock and available for PRIME shipping!!  Here it is:

Make sure to check back later in the week, I will have one more Fortnite Skin Halloween Costume because we can not forget Dad!!  Can you guess which skin he plans on dressing up as?

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