The Polk Command Bar with Built In Amazon Alexa: Found At Best Buy

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The Polk Command Bar with Built In Amazon Alexa

The Polk Command Bar is a top notch soundbar and sub-woofer combo that will most assuredly satisfy your audio needs as it pertains to your home entertainment.

So, you’ve got your new TV. What’d ya get? LCD, LED, OLED, QLED? Obviously you got an HDTV. Did you pony up for 4k? Did you make sure it’s HDR with a wide color gamut? How’s the refresh rate and the contrast ratio? 55 inch, 65 inch, 70+ inch? Regardless of the brand or variety you’ve chosen, I’m sure the picture is amazing, beautiful, crisp and clear, bright and satisfying. TV companies are all about delivering a high quality image at a variety of price points to fit every budget, but one thing they universally seem to lack is great audio.

The Polk Command Bar with Built In Amazon Alexa

You’d be hard pressed to find brilliant sound on any TV straight out of the box, and in this modern age of HDTV’s most companies know this and assume you are going to go with a separate sound source connected with HDMI for superior audio, at least on par with the quality of the image. So HDTV requires HD audio, so now what? Well unfortunately we are not all made of money, and sometimes after the purchase of the HDTV, we might not have enough money left to go all out on a premium audio system. Some of these high end 5.1 or 7.1 DTS surround set-ups can run the same cost of the TV itself! Luckily as time moves on HDTV prices are coming down and that does free up more cash to be spent on an audio option. Unless you are going wireless, these surround systems require a lot of wires running to and fro or some installation expertise perhaps through the wall or floor and it can all be too much hassle for the everyman. Well worry not my fellow everyman/woman, the audio companies have heard our pleas and have delivered a high quality sound solution without too many components and at prices we can afford!

The Polk Command Bar with Built In Amazon Alexa

Enter the age of the soundbar! By now you might have heard or seen them around on store shelves, or advertisements. The simple yet elegant 2 piece systems consisting of a long rectangular “bar” and its accompanying sub-woofer. Easy to install, just plug and play basically, and you’ve got the sound your HDTV was missing. Great, just what you needed, now which one should you purchase? There are many on the market, you can browse online and check to see what features you prefer, but If I may for your consideration present to you…The Polk Command Bar!

The Polk Command Bar with Built In Amazon Alexa

The Polk Command Bar is a top notch soundbar and sub-woofer combo that will most assuredly satisfy your audio needs as it pertains to your home entertainment. Polk has long been a trusted name in home audio since 1972, and with their new Command Bar, they have raised the bar for soundbars! It features a 43″ soundbar containing two 3″ full range speakers and two 1″ tweeters, and it is paired with a wireless 6.5″ subwoofer. 260 watts of audio power provides a full spectrum of sound, deep bass you can feel through the floor, expansive mid-range, and clean, shrill highs are all effortlessly showcased without the mix being muddied by competing frequencies. The main feature of the Polk Command Bar is the built-in Amazon Alexa. It’s possible you have one in the home at this point, but whether it’s an Echo Dot or an original Alexa, chances are the audio is subpar, unless you already have a whole home smart speaker system. The Alexa can be used to voice over commands instructing your soundbar to turn up the volume, switch HDMI ports, turn on Netflix, etc. Maybe you like the volume level, but just want the bass up in the mix, no problem. Perhaps you have other smart devices in the home like a Nest thermostat or smart lights, use the on-board Alexa to control all of them. Two HDMI ports allow for connecting your various devices like a game system or Blu-Ray player a breeze. The Command Bar even has a reccessed HDMI port specifically designed to house an Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV. It works great with your 4k TV via the included HDMI cable and the HDCP 2.2 4k HDR port allowing¬†unfettered audio and image reception without lag.

With an MSRP of $299.99 the Polk Command Bar has everything and more you need to keep your home entertainment theater rocking for many years. Perhaps one day you may decide to upgrade to a more full-fledged submersive surround audio experience at a much higher price, and relegate your Polk Command Bar to your master bedroom or den, in which case it will still offer hands free operation via the on board Alexa and saturate the room with extraordinary sound. Until then and for the forseeable future, mine at least, will be front and center…”Alexa, turn it up!”

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