Armogear Laser Battle: ArmoGear Laser Tag Review

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Armogear Laser Battle: Best Laser Tag Game Around

Are you looking a quality laser tag game? Then add ArmoGear Laser Battle to your holiday shopping list.  It is the hottest toy for Christmas!

My teen and preteen have reached the age where it’s almost impossible to shop for.  Absent are the days they are excited over any toy or game under the tree.  In fact, they really don’t play with toys or games much at all anymore.  I can not think of the last time they chose to play a game over being on their phone, computer or XBOX.  However, this is exactly what happened when I brought over the new ArmoGear Laser Battle to Thanksgiving this year.

Armogear Laser Battle: Best Laser Tag Game Around

The ArmoGear Laser Battle comes with 4 vests & 4 weapons, you can choose one of four different types of weapons including: pistol, machine gun, shotgun and rocket. Each gun mode offers its own life-like sound effects, tactile vibration and shooting capabilities.  While the basic pack comes with 4 weapons, more can be added on creating up to four teams!  Play with 2, 3, or 4 teams, or play on your own using the vest as a target!

Armogear Laser Battle: Best Laser Tag Game Around

The ArmoGear Laser Battle game is recommended for ages 8 years and older.  However my Nephew who often gets left out of the games played by his bigger cousins, was also able to easily join in on the fun.  He quickly picked up on loading the weapon types and was a valued member of each team he was on.

Armogear Laser Battle: Best Laser Tag Game Around

ArmoGear claims to make the most advanced set of laser tag guns out there and I am convinced they do.  Not only does the ArmoGear Laser Battle set have wireless target vests which vibrate when shot, it also has a 15-second invisibility mode AND a built-in night vision flashlight that emits a green glow.  The weapon itself has a shooting range from 150 – 200 feet and voice guides the gameplay and instructions.  This is perfect for my kids who refuse to read instructions!

Armogear Laser Battle: Best Laser Tag Game Around

I highly recommend the ArmoGear Laser Battle for your kid this holiday season.  Retail price for the ArmoGear Laser Battle (which include 4 guns & 4 vest) is $149.99.  You might as well and go ahead and purchase two pack add-ons at $74.99 because once word gets out, all the neighborhood kids will want in on the fun!
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