Relax This Thanksgiving with Noodles & Co

I was hosted by Noodles & Company to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Relax This Thanksgiving with Noodles & Co

Avoid the stress of cooking this Thanksgiving Day and relax by ordering Noodles & Co for all your side dish needs!

I love the holidays.  I LIVE for the holidays.  There is a certain spirit and happiness in the air this time of year.  I love the family togetherness, the laughs and the food.  However, as much as I enjoy the holidays, it also adds an extra bit of stress on me and in turn my family.  When I worked a standard 9-5 job, I use to take the entire week of Thanksgiving off and prep/cook for Thanksgiving Day.  However since I made my big career change a few years ago, the holidays are now MY “busy season” at work and I can no longer afford to take the entire week off.  Hence, the added stress of Thanksgiving.  So as I go into the holiday week, I need to think outside the box and cut a few corners so I do not completely lose my sanity.  This is where my wonderful partnership with Noodles & Co comes into play!

Relax This Thanksgiving with Noodles & Co

Thanksgiving Day Sides with Noodles & Co

Why have I not thought about ordering Noodles & Co to aid in my Thanksgiving Day dinner before now?!  My family absolutely love Noodles & Co and we are loyal customers, eating there atleast once a month!  They have dishes the entire family enjoy AND the best part is, you can customize the dishes to your own liking.  It seems like the perfect choice to accompany our Thanksgiving Day meal.  Check out Noodles & Co catering options here.

Noodles & Co Thanksgiving Day DEAL

St. Louis locals will receive $10 off of any catering order of $50 or more at Noodles & Company! To redeem your offer contact Nichole Curry (marketing and catering manager) directly via email HERE: and mention hearing about the deal here!  it is as easy as that.  Please place your orders for Thanksgiving ASAP, 48 hours in advance!

Relax This Thanksgiving with Noodles & Co

And why only use this deal for Thanksgiving?!  Last weekend we celebrated an early “Friendgiving” Day and I ordered a big pan of Noodles & Co’s famous Mac & Cheese, topped with grilled chicken!  Everything was cooked and prepared in separate containers, to just add together when I arrived home.

Relax This Thanksgiving with Noodles & Co

Noodles & Co thought of everything!  With my order they supplied me with a serving spoon, a chafing dish, chafing dish fuel AND a match to light it.  Thank you Noodles & Co for making this Thanksgiving Day stress free!

Check out Noodles & Co catering options today!

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