Bumblebee Movie Review

Bumblebee Movie Review

BumbleBee Movie, a PREQUEL to Transformers, comes to theaters Friday December 21st!  Check out my movie review!

Is it possible?  Can a Transformers movie actually turn out GOOD?  I mean seriously, even after adding in eye candy Mark Walhberg to the latter films, the franchise was still a disaster.  So what makes Travis Knight, President of LAIKA Studios and stop motion puppeteer, think he could actually make a PREQUEL to the Transformers and have it turn out entertaining?  Maybe it’s the fact that he picked the most loved Transformer around, BumbleBee and gave Transformers a whole new twist, by diving into the character back story rather than relying on nonstop action scenes to win over the crowd.

Movie Synopsis

On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee the Autobot seeks refuge in a junkyard in a small California beach town. Charlie, on the brink of turning 18 years old and trying to find her place in the world, soon discovers the battle-scarred and broken Bumblebee. When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns that this is no ordinary yellow Volkswagen.


Humanizing A Robot

After Autobot B-127 crashes into Earth and barely makes it out alive after battling a Decepticon (which causes him to lose his voice), he begins to lose his memory and shut down taking form of a Beetle Volkswagen.  He is not seen again, for what we think is months, until a teen who is struggling with the death of her father acquires the Beetle in hopes of repairing it for her own use.  Right away she discovers her car is MORE than a car but a robot, a robot she names BumbleBee, and said robot who has no memory of who he is or his past.  To make matters worse, BumbleBee can not talk since losing his voice and tries to communication through a radio.  Despite the extreme opposite worlds they are both from, their relationship begins to blossom into a very close friendship.

A Nod To The 80’s

From the clothes to the music, BumbleBee is set in the 80’s and the film brings us back all the beloved nostaglia of the time.  In fact, one would think BumbleBee was directed by John Hughes himself because one of BumbleBee’s favorite movies is The Breakfast Club!

The Comedy

Put a robot with memory loss into everyday Earth life and you are guaranteed comedy!  Moments like BumbleBee being left “home alone” and discovering the every day working of human life, to getting “revenge” on a mean girl; this movie had non-stop laughs.

Bumblebee Movie Review

Overall Thoughts On The Movie

Honestly I was not sold on the BumbleBee movie, so to my surprise I was extremely shocked by how much I enjoyed it!  BumbleBee is entertaining, heart-warming and included enough action to satisify Transformer fans out everywhere!  If more solo films are what is in the future for the Transformers, then I would say the future looks bright because they delivered a star in BumbleBee.

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