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The Kid Who Would Be King: Knight’s Code

The Kid Who Would Be King: Knight's Code

The Kid Who Would Be King opens in theaters across the nation on January 25th! Get your tickets now!

Recently my friend Tessa from Mama’s Geeky attended The Kid Who Would Be King press conference.  Last weekend I followed along as she interviewed some of the cast of the film, including Sir Patrick Stewart!  Oh yes, Professor X himself!  It was such a fun conference to follow along with and even during the press conference, only kids were allowed to ask questions to the cast!  It was during this time in which Stewart opened up about his past, some of the hard situations he dealt with as a child, how it effected him in to becoming a “bully” and how he takes such a stance againt bullying now.

In The Kid Who Would Be King, we see this bullying issue talked about but we go a little further.  I was recently sent some fun promotional gifts from Fox Studios (pictured below) and it even included “The Knights Code”

The Kid Who Would Be King: Knight's Code

The Knight’s Code

Honor Those You Love – A knight shows gratitude and admiration for the people in their community.

How can you honor those you love?

  1. Write a thank you letter to your teacher.
  2. Tell your friends “Thank you for being a good friend”.
  3. Surprise your parents by helping around the house.

Refrain From Wanton Offense – A knight must only use his/her strength for good through acts of chivalry and kindness.

How you can be chivalrous in your community?

  1. Hold open a door for someone.
  2. Say “please” or “thank you” to a server at a restaurant or when someone does something nice.
  3. Pick up trash when you see it.

Speak the Truth At All Times – A Knight never tells a lieand is a truthworthy & reliable member of the community.

How can you be a trustworthy member of the community?

  1. Keep your promises. If someone asks you for a favor and you promise you will do it, then do it!
  2. Model the Golden Rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  3. Always tell the truth, even when it is hard.

Persevere In Any Enterprise Until The End – A Knight never quits.  Even when it’s tough, they follow through until the end.

How can you persevere to help your community?

  1. Organize a fundraiser for a local cause.  Set a goal amount and reach it.
  2. When tackling a task, give it your all and seek out answers to any questions you may have.
  3. Gather your friends and family to do a beach or park cleanup, leaving it better than you found it.

The Kid Who Would Be King: Knight's Code

A great film for young ones to see!  My daughter is ready with backpack full of snacks to sneak into the theater!  I kid, I kid!  Maybe….

The Kid Who Would be King open in theaters January 25th!