New Mom Challenges: Parent’s Choice™ HMO Infant Formula

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New Mom Challenges: Parent’s Choice™ HMO Infant Formula

Parent’s Choice™ Infant Formula HMO, found at Walmart, is the right formula choice for new moms and their babies.

As much excitement and love I felt when I first became a mom over 13 years ago, that time was also filled with second guesses and a ton load of worries.  I was not given a manuel on “how to parent” when I was released from the hospital with my newborn.  I relied heavily on instinct, trial and error and advice from moms who have been there and done that.  And if truth be told, it was the advice I was given that really kept me sane during that first year of motherhood.  So, I’d like to pass on a few words of my own to those first time moms out there who may need a little (or a lot) of advice to get you through the day.

New Mom Challenges: Parent’s Choice™ HMO Infant Formula

Never Wake A Sleeping Baby

Don’t worry about keeping your baby on an eating schedule.  Your baby knows when he/she is hungry, needs a diaper change or just some mom cuddling time and he/she will let you know! Sleep is its most important job right now, so let your baby sleep!

Adjust Your Routine To Your Babies Schedule

Having just given the above advice, my best advice when it comes to sleeping is sleep when your baby is sleeps!  The dishes, dirty clothes and all other chores you “think” need to be done can wait.  When your baby is asleep, this is your chance to catch up on those long, long nights.

You Can’t Spoil A Baby

Hold your baby for as long as you want to, bring that baby with you everywhere if you like!  There is no such thing as spoiling a baby AND let me tell you, you are going to miss the days when your baby lets you hold him/her for as long as you like.  Cherish these moments because they certainly do not last long. 

New Mom Challenges: Parent’s Choice™ HMO Infant Formula

Follow Your Instincts

You know your baby better than anyone else in the world, even the doctor.  So if something doesn’t “feel” right, then you trust your gut.

Let Go Of The Mom Guilt

You ARE going to make mistakes, plenty of mistakes; it is inevitable.  If someone says they haven’t made a mistake as a parent, they are lying.  Mistakes are the best teacher and will have you continously changing the course of your “mom plan”.  Just do what is best for you and your family and your own sanity and don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

New Mom Challenges: Parent’s Choice™ HMO Infant Formula

Do Your Research

The internet was/is my best friend but during those first years of motherhood, I relied on it constantly.  From the formula I chose for my baby to the behavior issues I had with my toddler; I would research jump on the internet and discuss topics in mom groups and Google questions I had.  And when I decided it was time to turn to formula for my kids, I made sure to research the ingredients and benefits in all of the varieties out there.

New Mom Challenges: Parent’s Choice™ HMO Infant Formula

Parent’s Choice™ Infant Formula HMO

Parent’s Choice™ Sensitivity® Infant Formula and Parent’s Choice™ Advantage® Infant Formula feature 2’-FL HMO and are now available exclusively in Walmart stores. The infant formulas feature a blend of nutrients that supports baby’s growth and development.  The HMO stands for  human milk oligosaccharide (HMO), a prebiotic that helps establish beneficial bacteria for immune support.  It was added to the formula to  help your baby’s immune system to be more like the immune system of a breastfed baby.  How awesome is that?!

Product Benefits

    • Complete nutrition for baby’s first year
    • 2′-FL HMO Prebiotic to support immunity
    • DHA, Lutein & Vitamin E to support growth
    • Non-GMO Ingredients Not Genetically Engineered

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