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Ralph Breaks The Internet Now On Blu-ray: Bonus Features

Disney’s Ralph Breaks The Internet is available on Blu-ray TODAY, February 25th!  Get your copy today and check out those bonus features.

I have very fond memories of Ralph Breaks the Internet, I did attend the red carpet premiere of the movie, interview the animator and covered all the details on my blog!  So, you can imagine how excited I am to finally own the Blu-ray copy of the film.  Finally, the big day has arrived and you can now find Ralph Breaks The Internet Blu-ray copies on shelves everywhere.  Check out this trailer and all the fun Bonus Features below.  PLUS, I made the most awesome Strawberry Milkshake Pancake recipes in honor of the below, link below!

Bonus Features

Don’t you just love all of the “extras” that are included in a movies Blu-ray?  I am talking movie Easter Eggs, deleted scenes, bloopers and the making of the movie info!  It really is THE reason to own a Blu-ray copy of the movie, don’t you think so?  Check out all the fun bonus features available on Ralph Breaks The Internet Blu-ray.

  • How We Broke the Internet – Go behind the scenes to get an in-depth look at how the filmmakers brought a world to life that billions of people visit every day but never actually see – the internet.
  • Surfing for Easter Eggs – Surf the web for the near-countless Easter Eggs, inside jokes, and references hidden throughout the movie.
  • The Music of Ralph Breaks the Internet
  • Deleted Scenes – Five deleted scenes with intros from directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston. Scenes include Into the Internet, Opposites, Domestic Hell, Bubble of One & Recruiting “Grandma.”
  • BuzzzTube Cats – Many videos were created by the animators to fill the screens of the Internet world…and lots of them are of cats! Check out the BuzzzTube to watch this hilarious cat compilation.
  • Music Videos – “Zero” by Imagine Dragons and “In This Place” by Julia Michaels.
  • Digital Exclusive: Baby Drivers – Slaughter Racing School – Take a spin behind the wheel with the artists behind Ralph Breaks the Internet as they go to race car driving school.

Strawberry Milkshake Pancake Recipe: Ralph Breaks The Internet

Link to Recipe: Strawberry Milkshake Pancake Recipe

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