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Captain Marvel Movie Review: What Feminism?

Captain Marvel Movie Review: What Feminism?

Captain Marvel hits theaters tomorrow, March 8th!  Let us discuss this whole “feminism” thing in my movie review, video discussion included.

The much awaited and highly criticized film Captain Marvel hits theaters tomorrow, March 8th.  I was able to catch an early screening of the film and I could not wait.  I was not only extremely excited because we are finally getting another piece of the MCU puzzle but because I was ready to represent the “Girl Power” which was highly controversial leading up to the film.  Considering this is Marvel’s first female lead super hero film AND it was co-directed by a female, I was ready to rub the feminist aspect of the film into the faces of all those haters out there.  I was ready for a female chant much like Black Panther had with “Wakanda Forever!” and truth be told, I felt a bit let down.

Captain Marvel Movie Review: What Feminism?

My Thoughts On The Film

For me, it was like watching two totally different movies.  The first half of the movie was slow, I was a bit confused and lost on certain parts and I even dozed off.  I know, right?!  I fell asleep for a minute or two and was nudged by my husband.  Then we get to the second part of the film with the fight scenes, the action, Captain Marvel’s interaction with other characters and Goose; I was on the edge of my seat and cheering at the screen.  The first half of the film compared to the second half of the film was like night and day for me.

Brie Larson As Captain Marvel

I hate to say this considering Brie Larson has proven herself to be a terrific actress, even winning an Academy Award for her role in Room but I did not connect with her in the role as Captain Marvel.  I am not sure if it was the acting so much as the direction and script.  I found her to be overly stoic and boring as Carol Danvers.  In saying this, when paired with others on screen, such as the chemistry she had with Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), she shined.  She also nailed the fight scenes and made the over-powered Captain Marvel truly believable.

Captain Marvel Movie Review: What Feminism?

What Feminism?

The fact that so many people were up in arms over the fact that Captain Marvel was some kind of male bashing-hyper feminist-super hero film is ridiculous. Yes, Captain Marvel is a crazy over-powered super hero who happens to be female but that is also reflected much in the comics.  I was not stuck on the fact that she was female.  In fact, the female aspect of the film did not come to mind while watching it and I was a bit disappointed.  I wanted that “Girl Power!!” pride, much like what I had when watching the Amazonian women kick butt in Wonder Woman.  I wanted to walk away with Captain Marvel stealing the show but the only female in Captain Marvel that stole the show for me was Goose The Cat.  And yes, Goose is female per Kelly Sue DeConnick.

YES, You Should See It!

All in all, despite the problems I did have with the film, I did enjoy it and will definitely see it again. Don’t go into it expecting an epic Inifnity War caliber type film but as far as an origin story, Captain Marvel holds its own in the MCU.  But lets face it, even if I told you this film sucked and was the worst of ALL the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, you know you would still see it.  With all of the questions still up in the air after Avengers: Infinity War, fans are looking for any little piece of hope for the future of the Avengers.  And if you ask me, I believe Captain Marvel will be a big piece of that puzzle.

End Credit Scenes

At this point, do I even have to remind you to stay for the end credit scenes?  There are two of them, a mid credit and end of credit scene.  So, stay to the very end!

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