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Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots Review

Netflix's Love, Death + Robots Review

Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots premiered this weekend and I have your series review!

This past weekend my husband and I binged watched Netflix’s new series Love, Death + Robots.  I said we binged watched the series but it was really not that difficult to do considering each episode is very short, ranging from about 6 minutes to 16 minutes long.  And the coolest part about it is each episode is a totally stand alone story with an entire new cast and characters involved.  Check out my video review below!

Animation Style

Along with each episodes in Love, Death + Robots having a different story line and different characaters, they also all have their own unique animation.  Only one of the episode was not animated but it still contained animations within it, sort of like animation was included into Mary Poppins.  However let me warn you, dispite this being an animated series there is still plenty (And I mean PLENTY) of violence, bad language and sexual content.  I was surprised about the nudiety and even in one of the episodes, full frontal of a female was shown.

Unique & Different Sort Of Show

What I truly appreciated about this new series is that it is something different!  I loved the uniqueness about it and the fact that it was mostly done in animation/CGI was totally a work of art in my opinion.  Some of the CGI I had to do a double take because it looked almost real!  I highly recommend checking this out.  It is quick to watch them all and you will not be disappointed.

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