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Wonder Park Movie Review: Kid Friendly, Parents Approve

Wonder Park Movie Review: Kid Friendly, Parents Approve

Wonder Park is now in theaters across the nation!  I hosted a prescreening on behalf of Paramount last week, check out my movie review!

Last weekend I partnered with Paramount and hosted a prescreening of their new movie Wonder Park.  I am no stranger to attending prescreenings and posting my movie reviews but I am sure you are use to see my Wonder Park activities.  However, I was able to invite some of my local followers and their families out for this special fun filled day of Wonder Park activities!  Afterwards, I was able to talk with some attendees, including my own kids, and get a sense what everyoe thought of Wonder Park!  Check out my movie review!

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Movie Synopsis

WONDER PARK tells the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive. 

Sparks Your Imagination

The story begins with a rambunctious young girl named June getting into a bit of trouble by creating a roller coaster in her backyard.  Seems fine, right?  Well not when she decided to ride the homemade rollercoaster and go flying (and breaking) into things!  In order to reign in June, her mother suggest she build an amusement park model together in their home.  After June was sent to Math camp after her mother was diagnosis with a serious illness, June escapes and happens upon the Wonder Land she created with her mom!

Wonder Park Movie Review: Kid Friendly, Parents Approve

Dealing With Hard Subjects

As I stated above, there are some parts which is just down right sad and especially difficult if you ever had to deal with a serious illness to someone close to you.  However, this can also be a gateway to discuss those sorts of subjects with your children.  Along with the sickness of her mother, June also overcomes a bit of depression but the way the movie introduces it is so clever and perfectly done for a small child who may find it hard to understand.

For Small Children

You may be happy to know, this movie is appropriate for very small children.  Meaning: You are safe to take very young ones to see this film.  There was no bad language or inappropriate situations you have to worry about.  There wasn’t even a fart joke!  I found the film very wholesome and one I think any member of the family would enjoy.  I even took my 10 and 13 year old to see Wonder Park and they loved it.

Wonder Park Movie Review: Kid Friendly, Parents Approve


Overall, I really enjoyed Wonder Park but I do have a question, why do they call it Wonder Park?  The amusement park in which the movies name was taken from was NEVER called Wonder Park but Wonder Land instead.  In fact, I do not think the name Wonder Park was ever mentioned in the movie.  I just found it odd because I kept waiting to find out where the name would play into the film.  Anyways, if you are looking for a family friendly movie to take your kids to see this weekend, I highly recommend Wonder Land… or Wonder Park.  You will have a WONDERful time!

Wonder Park is now playing in theaters everywhere!

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