A Drop Of Hope: Great Book For A Pre-Teen

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A Drop Of Hope: Great Book For A Pre-Teen

A Drop Of Hope, written by Keith Calabrese, is the perfect read for that preteen/teen in your life.  Pick it up today!

The world seems to become harsher and harsher and I sometimes wonder what sort of hardened place I am raising my children in.  We turn on the news or look through our Facebook feed and very rarely do we see inspiring stories.  So when I come across a book that is said to be “A book that reminds us of the kindess we are capable of…“, I encourage my children to make it a priority to read.

A Drop Of Hope was written by Keith Calabrese, a screenwriter known for movies on the Hallmark Channel but who took on writing this book as a dare.  A Drop of Hope is his debut novel and is a breath of fresh air to young fiction which motivates and inspires.

A Drop Of Hope: Great Book For A Pre-Teen

I gave my daughter, the self proclaimed bookworm, A Drop Of Hope to read and from the moment she opened it, I rarely saw her without the book in her hand.  She is the perfect age for this book, which claims to be for ages 8-12 and shows how a single act of kindness can create ripples through the world.


A well. A wish. And a little drop of hope.

Times are tough. Jobs are scarce and miracles are in short supply. But something strange is happening in If Only, Ohio. An old well has suddenly, impossibly, begun to grant wishes. And three sixth graders are the only ones who know why.

Ernest Wilmette believes a good deed makes magic happen. Ryan Hardy thinks they should just mind their own business. Lizzy MacComber believes in facts, not fairy tales. Of course, you don’t have to believe in wishes to make one.

As more wishes are made, the well’s true secret gets harder and harder to keep. Ernest, Ryan, and Lizzy know they can’t fix the world. But in their own little corner of it, they can give everyone a little hope… one wish at a time.

My Thoughts

I admit, I only read a little of the book with my daughter but from what I read, I highly suggest picking this one up for your young one.  The world, our children need a little hope and this book brings them more than a drop.

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